Well, the fellow Never says: ‘Die.’


Who? See below:

#BishopFranco is Right: ‘Only Divine intervention can bring out Truth.’ So well can the CatholicChurch hide the Truth.



6 thoughts on “Well, the fellow Never says: ‘Die.’”

    1. How True and How Well put, my Dear Anna! The power they hold, the things they do, and the Audacity that they exhibit is Sickening!

      And that the bishops of council of India stood in support of this man, and that the Victim ‘has been relieved of her duties,’ (according to media reports) speaks volumes of the evil existent among the ecclesiastical authorities.

      Now that Victim Sister’s bad days are starting. Untrained to live outside the convent, looked down upon by society, the family not really supporting, it is another horror.


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