Rising Fuel Prices in India ( It is about 90 rupees a litre! )


[ हिंदी में इसका सारांश लेख के अंत में. ]

The Question to the #BJP and to #GauravBhatia “Why don’t they increase the Tax on Cars and Liquor?” did not get answered to the End.

Last night (17.09.2018), an Auto driver by the name of #Khadir, an elderly man, questioned the #bjpchief in Tamil Nadu, #Tamilisai, on the rising #FuelPrices.

Upon which his hair was pulled and he was taken away by the #bjpCadre, while #Tamilisai, mistakenly thinking she was a Cinema Star, smiled and kept speaking.


One of #MirrorNow‘s ‘debates’ on the same night was on the Rising Petrol Prices, and especially the Attack on Khadir by #BJPWorkers.

#BJP’s #GauravBhatia, defending the Rise of the prices of Fuel, said that he and his family are also affected by that.

LOL! That did make me Laugh my head off.

People of #GauravBhatia’s level, in fact all politicos, travel in air conditioned luxury cars at the expense of the Citizen; have NO idea of the Crowds and the Rush in Trains and Buses, CanNOT eat one Single, Full meal of Rice and Drumstick leaves gruel of the Poor, and shoot their mouths off.

#GauravBhatia also listed the very many so called achievements of the #BJP, including Rural Roads, Cheaper Talk Times(!), and what not.

#MirrorNow’s #Faye stated that the children are not able to Eat. It would be Better, more True, to say that Children are Not eating Proper meals because of the Rising prices, though they must be getting something into their stomachs.

#BJP and #GauravBhatia seem to be Unaware that the Nation’s Children somehow are Not able to eat all those Highly developed Rural Roads. And Nutrition Experts say that we have to eat Pulses and Vegetables along with the Staple.

The Question to the #BJP and to #GauravBhatia “Why don’t they increase the Tax on Cars and Liquor?” did not get answered to the End.

तामिल नाडू में, १७.०९.२०१८ के दिन खादिर नामक एक ऑटो चालक #बीजेपी के लोकल लीडर #तमिलिसई से इसके विषय में एक सवाल पूछ बैठा. इस पर उसके बाल खींचे गए, और मार पड़ी. …मैडम मुस्कुराते रहीं.

#मिररनाउ के ‘डिबेट’ में, जब #बीजेपी के #गौरवभाटिया से पूछा गया कि कार एवं शराब पर अधिक ‘टैक्स’ क्यों नहीं लगाए जा रहे, तो वह अंत तक इस सवाल को टालता गया.

#பிஜேபி தன் நிறத்தை காட்டிக் கொண்டிருக்கின்றது! ஓர் கோஷம் எழுப்பினால் சிறை; ஒரு கேள்வி கேட்டால் அடி உதை.

அம்மணி #தமிழிசை தான் சினிமா நடிகை என்று நினைத்துக் கொண்டார்களோ என்னவோ, புன்னகைத்துக் கொண்டே இருந்தாள்.

#MirrorNow வின் விவாதத்தில், #பிஜேபி யின் #கௌரவ்பாடியாவை, “பெட்ரோல்-டீசல்” விலை ஏற்றுவதற்கு பதிலாக, ஏன் பெரிய கார்களுக்கும் மது பானத்திர்க்கும் அதிக வரி வசூலிக்கப் படுவதில்லை? என்ற கேள்விக்கு இவனும் கடைசி வரை பதில் கொடுக்கவில்லை.


14 thoughts on “Rising Fuel Prices in India ( It is about 90 rupees a litre! )”

    1. Hello, Shiny! Er, how much would that be in Indian Rupees? 🙂

      Sad that People do not see that the ‘Industrial’ or any other similar type of development leads to worse situations. The only people who benefit from these are the Contractors and the politicos.

      We need People who will Think; not just hold a paper called a School Certificate.

      Regards. 🙂


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