Does India Need a ‘Surgical Strike’ day?


Shame on #bjp and #modi.

What about those who lost their very Lives and Limbs in all of India’s other Military Endeavours?

#ArmyDay could and Should have been Celebrated; not in support of Wars, but as a Mark of Respect to our Heroes who give their Very Lives for Us, and to Honour Veterans.

#SurgicalStrike being used by #bjp and #modi for Political gains.

And, by the way, #bjp and #modi, What happened to the #OneRankOnePension business?


4 thoughts on “Does India Need a ‘Surgical Strike’ day?”

  1. Yes, we need the day to boost the morale of the party in power. Allow the enemy to come inside and occupy our territory for 6 months and then observe a Chasing Away Day. Buy coffins for the dead ones and hold a no corruption day. Hold anniversaries and hold Forget Our Mistakes Day… If our mistakes are too blatant, we’ll hold a Snub the Opposition Day…

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  2. We celebrate Veterans Day in the USA today. But our veterans are not honored as they should be. Many still struggle to get timely medical and psychiatric care. Often they go homeless and unemployed. Tragically, suicides are common. The Bible says, “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends” (John 15: 13). Surely these men and women — living and dead — have demonstrated such love.


    1. I Do think India takes Better care of her Veterans. It is Most sad the Western countries, for the Most part Christian, are so askance. I lay it on those ‘Present’ the Word of God.


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