Some Equidistance A



This refers to the Jailed Roman Catholic Bishop Franco.

I am a catholic Priest.

The ecclesiastical authorities had better get off their high horses. Or else.

Somehow I feel that this man’s Rightful Arrest and all these subsequent events will lead to Much Cleansing and Improvement in the catholic Church.

‘On the same day the Pope called for introspection, the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC), the state arm of the Catholic Bishops’ Council of India (CBCI)—the highest governing body of Catholic Bishops in the country—sent out a press release unequivocally lending its support to the rape accused priest Franco Mulakkal and even expressed its apprehension whether the bishop will get “a chance to prove his innocence.

The KCBC defended its actions. “There are a lot of issues behind this matter. It is easy for a third person to ask why we are not supporting the victim. But being a decision making authority, we can only take an equidistant approach,” KCBC spokesperson Reverend Varghese Vallikkatt said.’


  1. First of all, the catholic Church is turning a Blind eye to the fact countless acts of sexual nature are taking place among its ordained personnel.
  2.  The spokesperson says: “equidistant approach,” but the support has been expressed ONLY for the jailed bishop, and The Pain and the Nightmare of the Victim has Not even been Acknowledged.

That is Why I say: Some Equidistance.


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