Some Equidistance B


Again referring to the jailed bishop Franco, the no doubt well fed spokesperson of the ecclesiastical authorities has further said:

“Some priests and nuns agitating in the streets giving occasion to the enemies of the church to attack the church and the church authorities and to disdain even the sacraments, has caused much pain to all who love the church…”

And they give a Minimum of 7 years of training to priests. And the fellow is saying that.

But what is the fact?

Sexual Abuse takes place.

The Victims pleas are Not heard; paid attention to.

Subsequent Protests are Condemned.

My Un-dear sir,

It is the Action, and Non-Action of ‘the church authorities’ that ‘give occasion to attack the church.’

The protests are calling attention to your Actions and Non-Actions; definitely making you the Laughing stock.

Physician, heal thyself.

Once again, Some Equidistance.


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