India and Hunger


It seems our Glorious Country is at 103 out of 119 in the Global Hunger Index, behind Nepal and Bangla Desh, – tiny countries. God save us.

Rahul Gandhi, the current leader of the opposition, is coming out with interesting things! The latest is a jibe at modi, our prime minister, who is Very interested in Yoga.

In this tweet Rahul Gandhi is saying that modi has forgotten ‘Hunger-Asan.’

Which is Very True, of course.



5 thoughts on “India and Hunger”

  1. India spends so much on other things of questionable importance and neglects the common people. To be fair, so does the United States. The cost of one great warship would probably feed all the needy on the planet for a year.

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    1. Yes, my Dear Carl. There has been a Craze to build Mega statues, costing billions. …Yet, in our Most recent elections across 5 states, All of them voted down the ruling party. So the People do seem to have their heads screwed right side up on their shoulders. 🙂 Regards.

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