The police, our so called Friends


This is TN’s South Zone Inspector General of police  Rajesh Das. He is instructing his officers Not to beat the Protesters (Farmers) on the Heads; but rather to Break their Hands and Legs.
Since he has been identified, my suggestion is that We Boycott him, Refuse to work in his house, field, garden, anything else.

19 thoughts on “The police, our so called Friends”

    1. Thank You, my Dear James. Much Appreciated. …What I do is: Speak out about it, write about it over the Internet via the Facebook, Twitter and my Blog, as well as in my Novel in preparation. I hope You do the Same. Regards. 🙂

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      1. You are a treasure Swami Yesudas. ❤️❤️ I learned from Prince that if you find yourself in a room with no light, you must bring your own. People fear darkness. Darkness is not bad or negative. We tend to gravitate toward what’s easy. It’s less difficult to appreciate what’s easy to see. It’s hard to see in the dark, maybe because the darkest color is an abundance of so man color elements. I think darkness creates balance, because it is in having experienced darkness that you can truly appreciate the light. That’s why I’ve learned to bring my own light with me wherever I go. 😊🕯💜

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      2. Thank You, my Dear Belinda. …Personally, would say that ‘Black’ creates the Balance and the Background. Not so ‘darkness.’ But No need for philosophical discussions here. I see what You mean. Even then, I would call You: ‘TheLightWithinTheLargeDarkRoom! Quite a mouthful, huh? 🙂

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