9 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year with a Teacher- My Hero”

  1. That’s a lovely tribute to your heroes, dear sir.

    Parents love and nurture children at home and good teachers continue the crucial job in school. That about consumes most of a child’s day.

    My elder sister, Radha, is my hero

    Diagnosed with terminal cancer and with less than a month left, she spent her time teaching her husband to cook. She was more concerned about how my brother-in-law would fend for himself. In one way, she too cared about the gravy on her husband’s plate. And I know for a fact he loved her dearly since the day they married – an arranged marriage.

    My sister went to God about ten years ago.


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      1. Hello Jennie,

        Thank you for following my comment back here. Strangely, no one in my vast extended family (other than her husband) saw Radha as exceptional. I too did not until in much later years.

        I’ve heard of but not read Chicken Soup for the Soul.

        You’re right, we all need a leg-up now and then. And good well-written books are a great source.

        I’m following your blog and will return to read your posts.

        All good wishes for the year ahead,

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      2. Thank you, Eric. It seems without question to me that Radha was a hero. She was the giver and never thought of herself. She saw the big picture. Isn’t it interesting that as soon as you think about others and not yourself, the world becomes beautiful and full of life? You sister understood this. Chicken Soup For the Soul is a great collection of stories. Radha would have loved it. Best wishes to you.

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