Two Jokes


These two Jokes have to do with India’s ‘Madness’ with ‘Selfies.’


Seems three Elephants had committed ‘Murder,’ and were even arrested by the police as suspects.

The police let off two for Want of evidence, but the Third was found guilty.

For Why? 🙂

Because the Third one had taken a ‘Selfie’ with his murdered victim, and posted it on the internet under the title: ‘My First Murder!’

[ From ஒரு ஜோக் சொல்லட்டுமா? ( Oru joke sollattumaa? meaning, Can I tell You a joke? …A small recurring comedy in the ‘Aadityaa’ channel of the Sun TV. ]


[ The Selfies of the Poor, as I have saved it under, from Facebook. ]



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