Tales from Dumbukistan (1)


In galaxy 0.02, in planet Kerth, Right in the middle of the oceans, existed the prosperous land of Dambukistan.


It had a population of 834, and everybody was happy.

The people had to pay 1 silver piece per day to get work. And they received no salaries. Such were the rules.

Now the Giter was the ugliest creature possible, hence it was declared a protected species.

But the son of the GM, the highest office holder in the land, had to shoot it right in its backside, with his unlicensed K47, and what was worse, the kullet was stuck there, right in plain sight, with his name and address written on it. And the Giter was dead, all his five feet up in the air.

But the GM was not worried. He just had to phone up most honourable kustis Sri Sri Sri Potato, You see. So he did.

Now kustis Sri Sri Sri Potato liked to sleep 8 months a year, [ and what do You know, their ‘year’ coincided with ours right to the minute, but that is not the point, ]. The kustis had just woken up, and was having his favourite meal of fried kotatoes, when the GM’s call came in.

The kustis rubbed his hands. That took care of his next 5 years supply of kotatoes.

The kourt sat. The kustis wanted to announce the verdict right off. The prosecuter reminded him that the case was just starting. Grumbling, the kustis signalled for things to proceed. He hated the whole idea. He Much preferred sleeping on his comfortable bed. Now he had to do it from his chair. Things were just Not Ok.

77 witnesses spoke, and the case lasted 236 days.

Finally, the kustis Sri Sri Sri Potato gave his verdict: ‘The Giter shot himself.’

Everyone clapped.


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