Child Abuse, Forgiveness AND…


Am sharing here with You my Dear Friend Anna’s article via Ever-Faithful Copy and Paste; the Reblog/Pressit buttons not seen. Link at the end.

This brings out Very Well the Value of Forgiveness, on the part of the Victim:

Two quotations:

“Genuine forgiveness can provide victims a release from their past which nothing else can.,

“No longer to expend(ing) emotional energy focusing on his/her loss.”


Over and above this, I would like to Add that Temporal Punishment is Very much Needed, and is Very Biblical.

A (Catholic) Priest is a combination of Priest, Prophet and King, as Vatican II teaches us. And the Kingly part means keeping things (like erring priests) in check, and that would mean Punishment. …Of course a LOT of Wisdom would be needed for this.

By Not punishing the guilty,

the officers of the church (the bishops and the popes) have called punishment on themselves.

Please read her article at:

Unbiblical, Part 6 – Forgiveness v. Victims’ Rights


9 thoughts on “Child Abuse, Forgiveness AND…”

    1. Yes, no use in grouching. But we should also try to change things and situations, don’t You think, my Dear …Cat? …Like Your: ‘To a certain degree.’ Hearty Regards. 🙂


  1. Swamiyesudas. Making lemon juice out of lemons is never grouching. It is, like you said, trying to change things and situations, but only to a certain degree. For example: If the child abuse involves pedophilia, the “lemon” should not be used to make” lemon juice” but instead it should be left to rot. c.

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      1. swamiyesudas. Let me put it that way then: Many criminal “lemons” are still worth being made into lemon juice eg. being reintegrated into society … but a pedophile “lemon” deserves to rot eg. rotten lemons don’t make good lemon juice. Love reciprocated, cat.

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