Hail Canon Law!


The venerable #CatholicChurch, You will see, is More concerned about #CanonLaw than #DivineLaw.
God knows what happened to the #PaedophilePriests of the #CatholicChurch, but #RapeAccused #India‘s #BishopMullackal is having the time of his life, and the Bope, @Pontifex is having an extended Siesta.
I suppose #BishopMullackal‘s case is treated by the #CatholicChurch in the same way as were the #PaedophilePriests.


      • swamiyesudas. You have my respect and even admiration because you speak the truth and that’s what the world needs … Thank you! Let’s live by the words of the fox 🙂

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      • Thank You, my Dear C, ( I would dislike calling You ‘Cat;’ it is not respectable enough. In India we are like that! ).

        Thank You for many things; for Your Encouraging words.

        For this beautiful clip from the Little Prince, which, happily, I have read, though Many years ago.

        ‘I am Responsible for my Rose,’ is something I have remembered and lived by. But I had not remembered that it was the Fox who had prompted that!

        The Audio in this clip turned out to be Too soft, despite all tries.

        Searched for the Fox’ words, to good effect. Let us Live by (All) the words of the Fox, indeed!

        Much Love and Regards. Yesudas. 🙂

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      • C, in the way I am brought up, it was/is considered Impolite to call people by Nicknames, etc, unless they are really Close. 🙂

        Went to Your site to learn about You, but could not find an ‘About’s’ page. …Had not known that You are a Gypsy. Would have made No difference to me if I had. …I try to relate to All in the Same way.

        All said, I like Your thoughts and views and appreciate them. Would also appreciate knowing Your real name. …Regards. 🙂

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      • swamiyesudas.Thanks so much for visiting me in Blogger. I saw in the stats, that India visited via WordPress. I think if you don’t have a Blogger account and still want to comment on a post, you can use the drop down menu in the reply box and comment via the “Anonymous” option. I don’t know whether it works if one enters Blogger via WordPress though. In any case, thank you. Please visit again any time. I invite every reader to copy and take what ever they like. I keep no copies of any of my poems and do erase all every December 31 and start new. Love, cat.

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