Isn’t this Worse than #Russia?


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Residents of two villages around Chillora army camp say they did not sleep or have any food when they heard cries on a loudspeaker. They allege it was a village boy being tortured, and the loudspeaker was put on to instil fear in the area. “Since then, the screams echo in our ears,” a resident of Turkwangam village says.

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All those who’ve been asking me for evidence, here’s the evidence for what I said, and many many more horrifying accounts of torture. What are you going to do with this evidence now? Run a primetime show? Campaign for justice? It was never about evidence!
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Why am I living?
And would our good ‘pope,’ @Pontifex say anything about this?
One morning last month, according to several witnesses, soldiers summoned Bashir Ahmed Dar, a plumber whose brother had become a militant. At an army camp near the village of Heff Shirmal, the soldiers demanded that Mr. Dar disclose where his brother was hiding.

After Mr. Dar told them he didn’t know, he said, the soldiers smashed his body with sticks, kicked him in the ribs and broadcast his sobbing pleas for mercy from loudspeakers on the road, terrorizing his village.

Then, Mr. Dar said, the soldiers ransacked his house and dumped his supply of rice, flour and kerosene into a water tank, contaminating it.

Several news organizations, including the BBC, have recently reported Kashmiri residents’ accusations of torture and sadistic behavior by Indian military personnel.

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6 thoughts on “Isn’t this Worse than #Russia?”

    1. Thank You for Your interest and Response. …Yes, We have a thing called ‘The Paid Media.’ Nothing New perhaps. The ‘Sold (out) media,’ the Corrupt media, …they blabber a lot. Very little on things of Importance, at least to Us. 😦 🙂

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  1. Terrible. We see none of this in the news which focuses instead on the lives of the rich and famous. Do not, however, doubt your purpose, Swami. You are living to be a witness to injustice like this. It hurts your heart so deeply because it hurts God’s own heart the same way. ❤

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    1. Once again, Very, Very kind of You, my Dear Anna. …Words like Yours matter to me a Lot indeed. It is as if the Lord Himself is talking to me. Gives me much Strength and Courage. I Treasure Your words. …I Know You are a Crusader, too. More Power to You. Much Love and Regards.

      Btw, this comment had not been visible in the ‘comments’ drop down window. Glad I found it on another one. 🙂

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