My latest Tweets to the pope.


Vatican’s tweet and my Responses:
Vatican News Vatican News – Bulgarian
#PopeFrancis says the Holy Spirit gives Christians courage and “the art of discernment” when facing hardship. #GeneralAudience
My Responses:
pope francis, @Pontifex_es, Fat, Well fed people like you, who have NO idea of Starvation, Torture or the Effects of Injustice, should learn to Refrain from such Glib statements.
When I had asked you, pope francis, @Pontifex_es, repeatedly, to speak out against Injustice, etc, I had hoped for Censure on the Culprits.
you have proved, pope francis, @Pontifex_es, by this Glib statement, that Cartoons like these are Based on Real Happenings in the church.
Shame on you, Pontifex, Inc

4 thoughts on “My latest Tweets to the pope.”

  1. I have to agree with you to some extent although I hate to admit I do. I was raised a catholic and if asked today my religion I would say catholic even though I take exception with numerous church positions particularly on social/lifestyle issues. Since John 23rd the path the church is on is a declining one in many ways. I still support the mission type out of the church which is more in keeping with the teaching of Christ. That’s enough said for now.

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      1. Please keep trying because the predominant option seems to be to walk away. My wife is a retired Methodist minister. We often discuss how all churches on Sunday are occupied by seniors except the “big box” churches which require little except financial support to attend.

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