One More Salvo on the Vatican!


From my latest tweets: [ Edited for Emphasis. ]

Swami Yesudas @SwamiYesudas


Just noticed a video in You Tube: ‘The Revolution has entered the church.’

WHAT Revolution? Is somebody from Africa going to be the next pope? Or from China, or any such?

Has there been a Diktat against ‘Caste-ism,’ SO prevalent in India, particularly in the South?

There is a rather famous story of the Barber who became Busy shaving Cats because he had no other business.

Let the #Vatican address the Serious issues.

Not because I say it.

But because Matthew 25 does.

HE is Hungry yet; and is going around Homeless and Naked.

It is NOT enough, to Open a few more Soup kitchens.

#Paul and #Peter and #John THUNDERED through their writings.

‘It is not right to Neglect the preaching of God’s word in order to handle finances.’ Acts 6:2.

Speak about Mexican #Children held in #Cages. About #Freedom being destroyed.



7 thoughts on “One More Salvo on the Vatican!”

  1. My Catholic friend had so much confidence that he was forgiven and “right with the Lord” because he attended church and did all the Catholic hocus pocus stuff stuff despite having committed some very grave sins. The Gospel says we are forgiven but also says sin no more and does not give us license to commit crimes because of the security of the promise of forgiveness. I also disputed that a priest is a certified representative of Christ who is offered to grant forgiveness which is an age old Protestant dismissal.


    1. My Dear Carl, Thank You for Your response.
      Despite my Severe Criticism of the Vatican and the pope, I am still a great believer in the catholic faith.
      You are Absolutely right when You say that the Gospel does Not give us the ‘license’ to (keep) committing crimes/sins because of the security of the promise of forgiveness.
      When I was in the seminary, our professors liked to quote Christ’s: ‘You are Peter, and on this rock,’ etc, which occur twice. But I consider that as the church blowing its own trumpet.
      On the contrary, John 20:23 clearly says: ‘If You forgive,’ etc, and these words were not said to the ‘public,’ but to the group of Apostles.
      …My contention is that the Christian leadership, both catholic and other, have failed, largely, in speaking up and out against evil. Here in India, against Casteism, in the US, against the Racism of tRump, etc!

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