Needed: Educated Soldiers.


In advert for ‘Jack Ryan,’ heard hero(?) say: “I am not going.”

Above: Drone Operator who said No.

Need Educated Soldiers like those/these. All over the World.

Like that Girl in ‘Avatar,’ Not Blind ‘Yes men.’

Above: Reaction to Excesses in NE India by Indian army.


7 thoughts on “Needed: Educated Soldiers.”

    1. Now that is a Beautiful thought, my Dear Ankur.

      …In genuine situations, where and when Freedom and Welfare were at risk, as in the movie ‘300,’ fiery speeches and good leadership were needed for that.

      …In many other instances, it is taking advantage of the circumstances of a person, who had merely joined for economic reasons, or maybe even out of a love for Country, and turn this around for personal gain. Much of this is happening today.

      And to motivate (though this might be a wrong word, more like ‘force,’) a person to go and get himself killed, all it needs is a …Heart of Stone. 😦


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