The Dictionary has a word called ‘Justice!’


I find that these ‘memes,’ ‘graphics,’ say what I want to say better than Words. …I am Oh, So Tired of all this.

TN police accepts communal majoritarian outfits as representatives of all Hindus, says if you protest Babri demolition on Dec 6, then Hindus will be offended, Hindu groups will protest! Says SC verdict in civil dispute is last word on criminal case also!

CPI-ML Liberation @cpimlliberation

TN police denies permission for #6December protests, saying, to demand punishment for culprits of #BabriMasjidDemolition amount to “criticising honourable SC judges.” So verdict in #Ayodhya civil case invoked to gag demand for punishment for what SC called an “egregious” crime!
0 judiciary a
0 scales of justice w text in E n T
0 Injustice
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