On losing a loved one


My friend Wendy had written this post: https://picnicwithants.com/2020/03/25/losing-a-loved-one-during-a-pandemic/

I wanted to say to her, and to Each one of You, that losing a loved one is terrible indeed.

But, to experience our Oneness with a loved one, or loved ones, proximity is not needed.

Vibrations work, and Very Well.

People, and even Nature, come to Know!

Here’s a wonderful toon to help us realise this:

Have had to share Wendy’s post via copy and paste of web id, as could not find a reblog button.

Keep well and safe, my Dear Wendy; and You too, my Dear Folks.


2 thoughts on “On losing a loved one”

  1. Your thoughts and this post “ On losing a loved one” travelled half way around the world today. As I read it, I thought this could have originated in the state where I live, in my town even in my neighborhood. We certainly are much more alike than we are different. If when this pandemic has passed we accept that, the world will be a better place.


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