Food Scarcity and… During Corona times


This article, refers to: …of Wiangga.

In India, Corona has highlighted the plight of the ‘Migrants,’ who constitute part of the Whopping (about) 93% of the population of India, being the ‘Daily Wage Earners.’

Despite Lip service on the part of the centre, not being paid, or taken care of, by way of place to stay and food, etc, the Migrants have preferred to Walk, for the Most part, distances as great as 1,100 Kms, about 675 Miles, with almost No provisions, carrying Infants in Arms.

Above: Resting.

The Toll, visible on faces.

Not allowed to go further, camping under a Bridge.

Migrant who died of Starvation, on the road;

Migrant Dead of starvation, upon being brought to hospital too late.

Tragically, a 12 yo Girl, having walked about a 100 Kms, died of Exhaustion and Hunger 50 Km from her destination.

Collecting Spilled grains.

As opposed to all this, instead of helping such poor people, #modi and his gorement have chosen to write off Wilful Defaulter’s loans, to the tune of 68, 607 Crores (roughly 883 x 1,32,788 = 11,52,71,804 Dollars).

And then I read in Wiangga’s post:

The Jakarta Post reported on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, that more farmers from villages help cities ensure food supply during the pandemic. The farmer association in Kulon Progo sent pickup trucks full of vegetables and rice to Yogjakarta to help the poor and those who had lost their income during the pandemic.’

Why didn’t Indian Farmers do that?

Bec too many of them are Busy Committing Suicide.

All hail to chief #modi, and his able assistant, #amitshaw.


8 thoughts on “Food Scarcity and… During Corona times”

  1. Omg.. how sad. Yes i read about this once. But im so sad seeing those pics.. i dont know why farmer in India commiting suicide… probably they have problem with the harvesting? Because we harvest quite alot here.. in here, the poor urban who had a greater threat than the villages… im so sorry to hear this.. hope u and all your family, all brother and sister stay safe.. hope this frightening pandemic over soon..

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    1. Thank You for Your response, my Dear Wiangga. …The Reason Indian Farmers commit suicide is that they have to Spend Much More than what they get by selling their produce. And the ‘gorement’ is Not helping them.

      By God’s Grace, those around me and I are safe. Pray for the Same for You.

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      1. I wonder, my Dear Wiangga. Yet, is not Japan having a really Very small amount of Farming land, YET are managing Very Well? It is not only Industrialisation, I think. This can be used to ‘help,’ as in Punjab in India. ‘Preferring’ industrialisation over Farming is the problem. 🙂

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