The problem lies with our #Courts


The problem lies with our #Courts. Do they HAVE to eat Crap when it is offered? …via:
Ana @tweetsofamuggle
Remember Kapil Baisala, who fired shots at Shaheen Bagh & shouted “hamare desh me sirf hinduon ki chalegi?” [ In effect, means: In this country, Only what hindus say, will matter. ]
He was given bail in March. His lawyer argued that he has “deep roots in society” & that “he has the responsibility of a wife & a minor child.”
Safoora is still in jail.

3 thoughts on “The problem lies with our #Courts”

    1. Thank You for the question, my Dear Ankur.

      …I had thought the post was clear enough.

      …Still, Am one of those who are DEEPLY dissatisfied with our courts.

      As I have frequently pointed out, the Delay in Justice delivered is Staggering, is it not?

      …Next, examining ‘reports’ and their validity CANNOT deliver Justice.

      …In the post, the Shooter is said to have a small kid, and the courts take such things into consideration. Why, don’t other accused have small children?

      …MUCH MORE can be said on the issue.

      …Regards. 🙂


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