We did not start with the ‘boys.’


And now that they are adults, at least in body, it seems to be too late.

Take Indian ‘Lynching‘ culture. Or lynchings anywhere. It is Never a One-to-One business. They just don’t have the Courage. Because what they were taught, in their families, or the ‘church,’ has been just Crap. It did not make them ‘Men.’

[ The Men among us would understand, and would not take Offence. ]

Take a Look at this:


7 thoughts on “We did not start with the ‘boys.’”

  1. Begin at the knee, it is alright to show emotion in yourself it shows strengþh of character to know yourself. It is never alright to use your weakness to deliver pain and bring anyone else to tears. Justice is equal not genda related. This is an honest post Thank you for sharing.


  2. I agree wholeheartedly. It is our responsibility to teach our children better than to engage in abuse. The lessons start in childhood…but the scars can last a lifetime. ❤


  3. That’s true… We need to teach then to express all natural emotions they they’re gonna be happier, calmer and friendly. Otherwise I observed that they show these things as manners when out with friends or at office but at home they remain angry young men especially in front of mothers and wives.


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