The Faceless Terrorism of New India


I got this comment on one of my posts:


Tried my Best to find out who this ‘jp’ is. …mr/mrs/miss jp, the great faceless, hides himself/herself well indeed.

I wrote him this in answer:

“jp, you are faceless; I can’t access your profile wo ‘approving’ your comment, which I do not want.*

The site you yourself hv suggested says: ‘Crime against Humanity is not a myth. It exists elsewhere in the world and India is no exception.’

Are you objecting to the particular photo I hv shared?

I hv ‘Personal’ experience of atrocities against whom your people call the low caste.

I have the Greatest Contempt for people like you.”

*Subsequently, I ‘approved his/her comment and searched again. Could not find his/her site.

Dalit could be taken to mean ‘The Oppressed.’ It is Reality in India (as well as across the world). Nearly 30-40% of Indians are oppressed simply because they are considered of ‘low birth.

Some images:

The water dispensing ‘vessel’ should not touch the person; or else it wd be ‘contaminated.’

drinking w

Sure, that is a very Old photo. But have things changed?

The Dalits (alone) will do these kinds of jobs.

Manju has to scrape out the cave, and gather up its repulsive contents

(She is cleaning an Old type latrine).

Of the latest, here is what I consider to be heartbreaking.

000 prez

The man bowing down is THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA. To, starting from bottom, a chief minister (akin to the US prez bowing down to a governor), the home minister of India, and finally on top, to the prime minister of India, who has no qualms in showing what he thinks of him.

Never before has this happened. It has happened ‘this’ time bec our current prez is a Dalit.

Of again the latest, and on a Most personal level, a Dalit (catholic) priest I know has gone into Depression bec of the way he has been treated by some of his (supposedly) high caste parishioners. Let me repeat, this in the catholic church. Perhaps my anger against church authorities will be more understandable now.

Untouchability continues to be a Bane in India; and the Oppressors are using Every means possible to Intimidate, and to try to Justify what they are doing.


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