4 thoughts on “i too hate to work!”

    1. Very good post, my Dear Rachana. …Wherever the trends are taking Us, I have Great hope in You All, the Younger generation. Am Sure You will bring a turnaround, as has taken place in the US.

      PS: Why do You add Dhaka to Your name? Are You from B`desh?

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      1. Thank you so much Sir… For the kind words… Will put all my efforts to do things better… With your blessings 😊🙏
        About Dhaka there is no direct connection it’s the family name. Though I love to use my mother’s name with my name so that one of the causes of discrimination removed but by now due to social work my identity has been established with the family name so I continued that.
        But there is one mythological story goes that the capital of B’desh is one of the 15 towns established by our ancestors in the present area from Afghanistan to Myanmar. So it may be one but I don’t have any evidence that proves it now. Their center was said to be Taxshila university but along with it the texts have also been said to be destroyed. Rest I don’t know 🤩

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