Everyday I ‘decide’ (how feeble my decisions are, at least in this regard!) to visit, and work on my blog.

In my opinion, the blogging world has deep thinkers, twitter affords very quick news, facebook somewhere in between, and whatsapp for the feeble (You can complete that word). I use all four platforms.

While perhaps 0.5% of the world is Alive, Active and Kicking, most particularly in twitter, the rest of the 99.5% behaves as did people in the times of Noah. Luke 17:26-28.

Perhaps a month ago, a 19-20 yo girl of the ‘supposed’ lower caste, was Gang raped, had her tongue cut out, her back broken. All these 30 days the Indian police saw fit to do nothing. Then immediately after her death, they saw fit to burn (‘cremate’) her body at 2.30 AM, locking up her family in their compound.

Now, with the body burnt, officials, administrative and police are denying charges of rape.

When Jesus had said that He had been Hungry, He had not meant Himself. Using that, I had written (in Tamil) that Jesus had been raped.

I also added, sarcastically, let’s go watch a video. …Not even 0.5% response to that.

This gets me down; it should not, but it does.


7 thoughts on “everyday!”

    1. Had appreciated APJ… Until he said that the Koodankulam atomic plant insouthern TN was safe for 6 (or did he say 6.5?) on the Richter scale. he was prez at that time, besides being a nuc scientist. The gorement took it as a support, n went ahead with the plant. APJ actually cheated there. Who was he? God? To foresee that e`quakes would not cross his stated level at that part?

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      1. You are absolutely right here.
        There i doubt his statement actually on the basis that he was a President and the media was under full control of Government. That time many things were manipulated and he also said after his term of President was over, that he was not happy with many things government tried to force upon him.
        So I just don’t know what made him do that or without he saying that was done and why did he later not deny from the false things. But still since most of the things he did were far better than anyone else, therefore i still respect him though I really doubt this incident as you do.
        Because we had more expectations from that person as he was almost perfect before his presidential term.


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