anna waldherr’s ‘restraint.’


Could not get this ‘Reblogged,’ even after going to Firefox. Doing it by main force, with the following words, shared also on Facebook.

I find this, – particularly referring to the graphic in Anna’s post, – Absolutely Inhuman. In India, they treat the ‘Real’ criminals with TLC (Tender Loving Care),

The man in white is one ‘Dara Singh,’ killer of Pastor Staines AND his family.

and Badly beat up those whom We would call The Innocent.

Above, beaten By the police, Thank You.

Abroad, I have not seen photographs of Carlos, the Drug lord and Mass killer, being treated this way.

My Blogging friend Anna, who is a Lawyer, keeps raising these issues.

These can be stopped Only if a Million voices rise against these.Simpler would be for Religious leaders, like the Pope, the Cardinals, Bishops, the Dalai Lama to speak up. …The Jesuit authorities in India spoke up for Fr. Stan; …for their Own.

Does it not make Your heart ache to see this, as it does mine?


4 thoughts on “anna waldherr’s ‘restraint.’”

    1. यह सोचना, कि हम कुछ नहीं कर सकते, ‘हमेशा’ गलत होता है. हम कुछ न कुछ जरूर कर सकते हैं.


  1. You are so kind to me, Swami. ❤ This post fills me w/ sorrow. Why the organized church does not speak out against such abuse of power, I do not know. But the Body of Christ must speak out against it. We who comprise that Body — who are the salt and light of the world — must work for justice and change.

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    1. Indeed We Must, my Dear Anna, as part of the Body of Christ. …Am also Happy that there ARE people who do speak out. That We are Small in number does not matter at all. Only a Small amount of Salt is needed to give Taste to a meal! 🙂

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