10 thoughts on “Pl forgive me”

    1. Thank You, my Dear Anna! 2020, and esp December, proved to be very troublesome, healthwise, to me. Am feeling Much better now, and busy again; tho in the Most surprising of platforms, – the Whatsapp university. …Seem to have had good success here! Regards and Love.

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      1. Pastor, be cautious about interacting w/ Whatsapp University. Certain political parties (particularly BJP) now use the platform to spread propaganda and false information, including hate messages.


      2. Hello, Anna! Is this really You? I ask bec, I had not expected You to know too much abt our bjp. In any case, I do not interact w unknown numbers, n del Most of what is forwarded to me on WA! My Love n Regards.


  1. I too hope you are feeling better, it’s been a while since you last posted, I’m not one to say anything about that though, I haven’t been posting much at all in this year. It’s been a rough year for the whole world.
    It’s the only time in my lifetime that everyone in the world has been affected by the same thing like we have this year.
    Always in my heart.
    your friend, wendy

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    1. Thank You, my Friend. …As You say, corona has affected the world not just in the economic field. In some mysterious way it has pulled Us down. But let’s keep fighting. Victory is Ours! 🙂 Love to You.

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