Purity and Virginity Testing

We are in an Era of COWARDS and Fools. An Infamous Impeachment could not be brought to its logical conclusion. As for that other world power, russia, (does not deserve a Capital), putting all opposition in jail is Old history there. In India, the ‘word’ democracy exists in books, and is even bandied about. The country is Fast heading into Fascism.

For me it is Not just the situation, but What can be done about it. Whether it is this renewed assault on Women that You bring to light, my Dear Anna, or the situations I have mentioned, I fully believe that a Strong and Continued voice from the Vatican would have a Lot of effect. But, as I said, We live in an age of Cowards.

‘It is Time for You, Lord, to Act, for they are making Void Thy Law,’ is my prayer these days.

ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

“The Virgin in Prayer” by Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato (c. 1645), National Gallery (Accession No. NG200), London, Author/Source Web Gallery of Art (PD-Art, PD-Old-100)

WARNING:  Graphic Images

Clinics in Britain offer controversial but ineffective tests for virginity which can place lives at risk [1].  Young women who “fail” such tests may be subjected to violence or sexual assault, starvation, banishment from their communities, and – in extreme cases – honor killings.

Shame and Dishonor

In a few cultures, the loss of virginity prior to marriage is still viewed as bringing shame and dishonor on the family and community as a whole.  For that reason, virginity testing is often required for marriage.

Forced Testing

Women may be forced by parents, potential partners, or future in-laws to submit to virginity testing.

Virginity tests are, also, at times carried out on sexual assault victims to verify that rape has taken place.  Needless…

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8 thoughts on “Purity and Virginity Testing”

  1. My Friend, Religion nor theology is where I possess knowledge. As a Catholic I reject the leadership of most of our bishops but I have not turned my back on my religion. That may sound like hypocrisy to others but not to me. I am not certain cowardice is simply an epidemic among our leaders worldwide. Many of us know when we see injustice and resort to inaction with an willingness to speak out. People generally know right from wrong but choose the path of denial perhaps for some self serving purpose. We need a few loud voices of truth speaking out right now. The problems we confront today are the making of man and man must and can repair the damage. Thank you for all your posts.

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  2. Although I would say that there are individuals–for instance, Alexei Navalny is a man of great courage as far as I’m concerned. He may end up paying for that courage with his life, though.

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