The #Hijab Athermath


The #bjp authorities in Karnataka in India who were not allowing Girls to cover their Heads, have backtracked.

My heartiest #Kudos to the #HijabWarriors. So the pig #bjp is learning that they cannot lead #India into #Fascism. Pic says so n so fell into the gutter, and all the gutter-worms came OUT!

It will Not work for anybody (#Kanimozhi) to say that it is ’The Woman’s Right to choose what she wants.’ …Madam, if you wear the Wrong clothes, you give freedom to the ’Bad’ guys, bec of whom the #Hijab n #Ghoongat are worn, to grab your pu**y, rather a Common occurrance in the #West. …Baldie is not even paying attention; and he cannot be part of tRump’s security detail (with that paunch?)


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