World War III


As my friends know, I am not a total pacifist.

Yet, though I have not personally experienced War, much less a World War, AM TOTALLY AGAINST IT (War). Yet…

Besides a few gruesome photographs that I possess of gunshot wounds, (one below)

…We have to remember that soldiers lose both hands and both legs, for whom, I have heard, governments have special homes. Thus, altogether War is Horrible, and to be avoided.

What do You do with/to a Mad Dogs? (VERY much of a reality in countries like India). No Mad Dogs are, or Can be, spared. I personally know of Two cases, where people were bit by them. One of them, locked inside a room, jumped up walls, and howled till he died (this is a very old case).

I have referred to #putin as a Mad Dog. If images are recent, he is not just cool, he is even smiling.

The latest is that he is declaring that Sanctions are Acts of War!

It is absolutely true that he might resort to a Nuclear War if the West joins in.

#putin, #xi, the #north-korean-head and #modi have been ardent students of #hitler. I would say these are observing and testing the water.

What is going to prevent the above named four from launching into further ‘adventures?’

Mad Dogs Have to be put down; not just put in jail or shot out of hand, but have their hands and legs chopped off, and left as examples for History books. …We have to prepare for WW III.


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