How #Ukraine can be helped


Many times I was thinking of advocating that the West Enter the war.

Then I thought of what (all) would happen.

The Mad Dog would go Nuclear.

If the West retaliates, Ukraine would be a Major Loser. The distance between Kiev and Moscow is just 860 Km By Road!

Besides the Fallout issues, putin would Not spare Ukraine as far as nuc attacks are concerned.

Many people seem to have Very little idea of the effects of nuclear War. I have written a little on the effects of what is called ‘conventional warfare.’ This is what is happening just now in Ukraine, and had happened, for instance in Afghanistan, Iraq, even Syria, which is all EXTREMELY sad, of course.

But, as the Mad Dog and his stooges have said, an Escalation would lead to WW III, which, as says the Mad Dog, will be a Nuclear one.

Just from my casual readings, I have come to know of ‘Tactical’ nuc warfare, nuc bombs that kill people while leaving buildings intact, etc.

To take out the Mad Dog, which alone will end the Ukraine War, NATO would try ‘Cruise’ missiles first. But putin is no bin laden. putin will have better bunkers, and worse, will keep moving. If the West resorts to ICBMs, …We have only old photographs.

Hold Your breath:

Very different from the damage We see in the present war.

Below, the ‘Vehicles’ that were used to put out the fire due to the Chernobyl ‘accident,’ worth Crores and Crores, abandoned, and given a ‘graveyard’ of their own. Easily found in Google.

What comes is Worse. A Frog, born with 3 heads, found in the Chernobyl area. Nature is Affected. YEARS later.

What We can see below Must be seen, though it is the Very Worst of the lot.

That is the Effect of ‘Nuclear’ warfare. This is what NATO wants to avoid, and I appreciate them for it.

In this, china and north korea have already stood on putin’s side. In the event of a nuc catastrophe, what if china shoots off a few warheads at India, using the chance?

Finally, No World War can be fought without Severe casualities.

Those who die would be OUR brothers, fathers, husbands, loved ones. (No gender seperation intended).

…For all their ‘crookedness,’ I find that I appreciate, very much, the stand taken by the West. We should leave it at that.

Please Do Contribute Generously to good Refugee organizations.

Till next, Regards.


4 thoughts on “How #Ukraine can be helped”

    1. I think We cannot be Sure abt No life on earth after WW III. I think everything will become like the wilds of Africa. …Few would have survived, after losing Most family members; No Farming, Water only from Nature, No tools or farm implements, people fighting among themselves for women, whatever they can get. putin seems to be goading and challenging the World into WW III, by Destroying Civilian targets, and his use of Hypersonic weapons. The only answer to these just now by the West are Nuclear weapons.


  1. Below is the link of my post published in July 2017.
    There have been so many Big Comments on that by many, so I needn’t explain things in detail.
    I agree as you say that will not be extinct and it shall be like how you said. If that happens then planet Earth once a beautiful place will not be worth living for anybody even other creatures.
    The Creator will never forgive Mankind for creating this holocaust.
    Please go though the post and the comment section.
    Thanks soo much

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