putin and the taliban


Let me say at the outset that I do not know, or see, the difference between the #taliban, the #isis and/or the #mujahideen.

#BBC, which had been speaking extensively on #putin, was on the #mujahideen this morning; interviewing some of them, who pointed out the damage done to buildings by the #US.

Are We to compare that to #putin’s damages?

To me, the #mujahideen/#taliban/#isis had/have to be controlled, because of:

  • Plunging Planes through Civilian Towers,
  • Destroying ancient, historical statues,
  • Denying Rights to Women, and Worst,
  • Barbaric Killings. Warning… Extremely Sensitive.
Even Men are Shocked.

What did the #Ukranians do to #putin, that would give him the right to do this?

I see more here, too.

I just have to add two more pics.

To conclude, #putin, #taliban, #isis, #mujahideen, #rss, the sooner We see them contained, the Better for the World.



Friend Rajiv has this to say:

So, Ok. The US, and Allies, bombed the crap out of Saddam. Had Saddam not needed that? That, as far as I remember, is the Most recent. …Afghanistan, both the US and the USSR/Russia were there.

From NatGeo or BBCPlanet Earth, had watched how the US had shelled the coastal waters of some S American country, polluting it Severely, nonetheless, and have taken No corrective measures to date, despite repeated appeals. That is just One example. This is to show that I take the Middle stand, seeing that I am a Christian.

In my opinion, the US should take steps to put putin in his place.

I have posted the above on various platforms. Am writing a seperate post on this, too.

It all comes down to this? Can We trust putin? Had he not said that Russia was Not going to invade Ukraine till the very end?

He calls this a (special) military operation. This? Killing Civilians in Bread lines?

The news says that ‘Troops’ killed these. Not shelling, not rockets.

Forget the BBC and CNN. India Today is On the Spot. Would We believe them? Are NDTV, and bjp-leaning Mirror Now saying any different?

Are We to let putin destroy Ukraine with IMPUNITY?


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