Wish it happened in India!


Frankly I did not read the whole post that I am sharing. (Pl see link at bottom).

From what I gather, a new (supreme court?) judge is facing questions and answering them.

In my opinion, whatever the gorement says , particularly the judges of India’s s court – (You don’t say it loud if You value Your skin. In russia, if You dissent, You are immediately jailed, and face torture, of course, whereas in India Dissenters are Immediately labelled ‘Anti Nationals,’ and face different kinds of slow torture, all free of cost), – to continue, the judges of India, especially those of the higher courts, are poli appointees.

With modi, former cheap judge of India, gogoi.

As such, just Wish Indians too had the Right to question their judges.

Following: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2022/3/22/2083216/-Live-coverage-Supreme-Court-nominee-Ketanji-Brown-Jackson-deals-with-nonsense-1?pm_campaign=blog&pm_medium=rss&pm_source=main


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