Curse Racism.


Proud of them all. Blessings.

[Regarding the above picture, let’s not think this happens regularly. The very opposite is true. For above event, in 2012, I think, the team were given the nod for it by the management. And who gives the nod to the management? šŸ™‚ modi is another putin in the making, my Dear Folks.]

The White/Fair-Skinned think they are better. True, Most of them progressed Much faster because they advanced techologically. And Why and How was this?

The Land they lived in gave better yield both in grain and livestock. Try to raise crops in Serengeti.

This gave them the energy and the time to explore for metals and to work on them. The African or the South American, and the like, had to chase their meal for hours and hours.

Let’s talk Beauty. While We have All found Beauty from All across the Globe, isn’t it true that We find Our Own the most beautiful?

In the sight of God, for those who would subscribe to this, a certain section of His children/creation just cannot be better than another.

Those who believe in Racism, (there are Plenty of those), are cursed by the powers that be. See what happened to that supremo with the short moustache!

After about 13 decades, the pope is bleating on Ukraine. Ok, that is an improvement. But getting to 28 from 3, while being an improvement, is still Failure. …kirill, of course, has done not even that much.

Doing a wrong, and standing by idly, – when you have the power to stop it, – what difference?

Has there been a Black pope?

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