Ladies, I Salute You


I know Many ladies personally, of whom History should be proud. …Yet, the Majority of Indian Women are SO Poor and immersed in just staying alive, they do not have Time to fight for higher things.




This Women’s History Month has seen our world become even more turbulent, with women and children at the forefront of displacement and terror overseas as women elsewhere try to earn recognition for who we are and all we do. I have tried, and failed, to take a break from all the stories of women who are missing, violated and losing children to senseless violence.

One step forward, two steps back, right?

Yet and still, as women always have, we will rise above the circumstances dictated by our families and societies and professional worlds to stamp our signatures to great moments we create every single day. I am in awe of women I can see doing business, running businesses, centering families, caring for animals and people, saving lives, donating money, volunteering for necessary causes, pursuing education and more.

I can see women fighting for justice for themselves, their children or relatives…

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