Will Smith


I stand with #WillSmith on his #slapping the idiot. joke about others’ wives, will you?

The World has a veritable Habit of making mountains out of molehills.

Eg, Will Smith’s slap, and Biden’s faux pas about putin not to be allowed to stay in power, which is Absolutely Right, of course.

And ‘Ignoring Logs in the eye!’

How many are talking about putin bombing Civilian areas of Ukraine, Not allowing People to go to Safety out of Mariupol?

Let me go back to Will Smith.

Throw that trophy in their faces, Will.

A slap and a (verbal) Insult? What is the difference? Unless We take this Stupid Indian court’s ruling: It’s Not hate speech if said with a smile! In which case I say Up theirs, with the requisite smile, of course.


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