Time for an Awakening!

‘Sooner or later, (seems more probably later) this regime will end, and end it will for sure!’

Raju Parulekar's Blog

-Raju Parulekar

In 2014 the BJP-led Government came into power at the Centre. The Bharatiya Janata Party got an absolute majority riding on the Modi wave. In a democracy, as it usually happens, this was a somewhat predictable occurrence. The preceding Congress-led UPA government was in power for ten years. Hence a change of hands in 2014 was a normal episode.

The initial ‘honeymoon period’ of Modi’s administration, if one may call it so, lasted through the years 2014-15. In fact, until the announcement of demonetisation in November 2016, many believed that Modi would have eschewed the past years of his human rights violations and misuse of govt institutions in Gujarat and would usher in a magnificent new era in Indian history.

But, post-2016 it became amply clear that Modi government had no intention of mending its old ways. In fact, having gained total control at the Centre, the entire…

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