India, china, usa, russia, Ukraine.


During one of the (Indian) TV debates/discussions today, heard some (so-called, that is how I will address him) political analyst / strategic expert say that the usa had not come to India’s aid during the 1962 war with china I would say, …it was not mentioned.

As such, this so called expert implied, India is leaving russia’s war on Ukraine to be sorted out in the West!

It does not matter to these idiots and the media, not to say the political heads and the populace of India that there are Major differences.

India and china are Not Mouse and Cat in size, though, at present at least, china has the Bigger military macine.

Whereas there is No comparision between Ukraine and russia, area wise, or by way of military strength.

putin should be ashamed of his undeclared war on Ukraine.

china, during the 1962 war, had NOT reduced Indian areas to rubble. I had been living in Gorakhpur during those days.

Wheras putin has turned civilian areas to rubble.

Both above images are from Indian media. Why aren’t India’s so-called experts ready to believe this?

Or, do they mean to say Indian media could not find out, or, would not report, if the destroyed buildings/hospitals were used to hide Ukrainian military?

Above all, Who is the LIAR? putin, who till the Very last day, had said he had No intention of invading Ukraine, …Or

It will be said that putin did not invade Ukraine. Why did he not send his army into Donetsk region and been done with it? (Why did he not do it earlier?)


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