On Will n Chris, again.


Additions below:

My comment on this post on the following blog:

dtp, I am an Indian. A catholic priest aged 74 yrs. that shd say something. …whatever the backgrounds, I appreciate Will for standing up for his wife. It is Chris n the Oscar committee that should apologize. if somebody talks of violence, it is Chris who is guilty.

The blog here: https://dragthepen.wordpress.com/2022/03/31/a-moment-of-shame/


Somebody has questioned whether Will would have slapped a white man in the same situ.

But for me the issue is: Do I have to smile/swallow it, if somebody insults my wife? Let me go the whole hog and say what if somebody blatantly misbehaves with my daughter?

…Long topic. Cannot be dealt with in a blog post.

politicos calculate whether they will get votes, or not, by a particular statement/action. most people calculate whether their words/actions will land them in trouble/jail.

I live by the standard that that is No way to live. For me Love, Decency, Courage, Justice, Freedom, Democracy, etc, to name a few, count more than life.

I will Die on my feet, rather than live on my knees.


7 thoughts on “On Will n Chris, again.”

  1. I’m so pissed off with you that you could judge violence as appropriate for a joker… come on, people lost their football playing million-dollar jobs for kneeling down during the US National Anthem

    So is it appropriate if the British just come back to colonize India?

    I’m Nigerian remember, we were colonized too. A violent act that cost hundreds of millions of lives

    What’s bad is bad in morality

    Sentiments are a boobioo


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