ONE fellow‘s obstinacy leads to misery, for those who are still paying attention to these things.

No, he is not drilling out water.


…in individual cases now:

Don’t know who this man is, but, at least to me, looks quite well dressed.
Could not resist this. And No, I am Not translating this.

Now to Lanka:

And he has a ‘coat’ on too.

Just showing how the world is faring.

…To @BBC now. BBC has been allotting practically the Whole of its 30 minute segments to THE WORLD FOOD CRISIS.

And in India, the latest rage is ‘discovering’ Hindu Idols/artefacts/temples under Mosques. Multiple Babri Masjid demolitions in the making.

Indian media, which I believe is totally constrained by the bjp regime, GIVES THE WHOLE ‘DAY’ TO THESE ‘DISCOVERIES.’

In this, opening up for the first time, I believe and state that it is Very possible, believeable and even probable that Muliple mosques were built after destroying Hindu temples. Those were Rough times.

But, in this vein, even the TAJ MAHAL might go that way, though the initial salvo was turned down by a court. But let’s not lose heart. They persist, and rise again.

On the one hand, the bjp (the ruling party along with groups called rss, vhp, etc,) is just laying foundation to its own THOUSAND-YEAR REIGN.

The Active bjp+ supporters are largely brainless and uneducated.

he has an mbbs in engineering!

But what is Horribly Worse is that the Intelligentsia of India’s Majoririty community is Silent. This may be because it is India’s ‘way.’ Gandhi spent a goodly 45 years before India would rise up ‘Unitedly’ against british rule.

But this Silence of the the Intelligentsia of India’s Majoririty community is turning India into another putin’s russia.


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