People Forget


People seem to forget that I am a (catholic) Christian Priest. …I do not claim to be All-knowing, or Right-all-the-time, but according to Our tradition We (Priests) have a DUTY to speak.

And this speaking is Not a Catharsis. And the Speaking has to be Powerful. Look at the Secular world; people are Spell bound, Mostly because they are Not using their Brains and Listening, but what I call ‘Hearing’ with their Butts (Large area, You see).

Let me just give You Names: hitler, tRump, modi.

Contrast that with the pope (himself a good man, the Best in my memory, except that he has NO Public-speaking sense).

He is the Undisputed Single leader of 1.2 Billion roman catholics.

And his no. of followers in Twitter? 19 Million. …About 15%.

I call that a Shame. Why can’t he order priests of Every language to translate his? Then at least those using T in any langg. can follow him.

…Wait. About those whom he follows, numerically 8, as in pic. no . 2. …Who are those 8?

Unless I have made a mistake. So correct me.

I rest my case. (Of course I know I started somewhere and ended somewhere. My way! :))


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