Hello World!


The Israeli film jury head suddenly u-turned. Had written abt it, but can’t find the tweet now. The point is India, is an Importing country, with Billions of customers, that status will be maintained, using all necessary pressure for that.

Biden praises India! And modi a self declared Charvaka (hedonist). Democracy, Morals, Values, …these are words of yester year. When all gets said and done, We start with ‘Water world,’ of course.

modi has bought SO much of putin’s oil. YET petrol-diesel is extremely expensive in India.


4 thoughts on “Hello World!”

  1. I did read that India and China are purchasing larger quantities of Russian crude. I hope the G7 price limit will reduce the cash flow to Putin. I expect his invasion of Ukraine is costing Russia and Putin far more than he ever anticipated. Economic sanctions take time but I hope they are helping to put Putin in the place he belongs. I think only the Russian people or the World Court can do that.

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    1. Thanks for that, my dear Phil. Taking only India, modi is a total hedonist; not just amoral but immoral. As for the Russian ppl, I think putin will use mil, etc, to keep them silent. It is like: India wd NOT hv gained Independence under Gandhi if hitler had ruled our country! 🙂


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