Good day to You!


Writing here after a Long time! Hope n pray You r all well.

My health being Not all that good, have not written in my blog for quite a while.

Of late, a very Old question started bothering me. It might be considered a very sensitive one by many, yet is an honest one from my part, and I would highly appreciate an answer (in 300 words?)!

In Christianity We have that Nothing is impossible for God (leaving aside jokes and foolish questions).

In Hinduism the first I heard that some things are Not possible for god came from the ‘Thirukkural,’ where the poet Thiruvalluvar says: “Theivatthaal Aagaatheninum muyarchi than meivaruttha kooli tharum.”

Which means, ‘Even if it is Not possible for god, (human) Effort Will bear fruit.’

The idea seems to be prevalent. Of late, in an advert for the ‘atomburg’ fan, the words occur again.

the words ‘What even god cannot give…’ occur again!

In that case, What IS god (for Hindus)?


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