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Here’s Something We All Can Do

If You find a policeman Beating or Kicking somebody, like this poor Mad Man, JUST STAND THERE. This stops them. The Important thing in these cases is: DO NOT MOVE ON. STAY THERE. This makes a difference. Please Do it the next time.

policeman kicks a mad man

Picture: From Facebook

A Nuremberg trial for Catholic Bishops?

Definitely, and one for popes too.

Attenti al Lupo

St Peter and Lightening

Today the United Nations Committee on the Right Of The Child released a report accusing the Vatican of covering up many decades of sexual abuse of children by priests.

The Treaty of Rome (July 17,1998) affirms that: ” Crimes against humanity are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of one or more human beings and that they are not isolated or sporadic events.”

What about the crimes of sexual nature against children committed by Catholic priests? In my opinion these crimes are not just horrible, aberrant acts committed by sick people but true crimes against humanity. Destroying the innocence of children should be considered a crime against humanity.

Some of the priests have paid for their crimes, but what about the Bishops who have covered up the of the sexual abuse?

Should not they as leaders pay…

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On Cows, and Cribbing

Indians consider the Cow the Most Peaceful animal. But the Cowboys of the West had a Healthy Respect for ‘their’ cow, the Steer. And National Geographic would inform us that the Wild Buffalo, which is Also a Cow, would make Short Work even of Prides of Lions, any given day! Further on, We shall be faced with a Question: Should We be Like Cows, and Not be Cribbing, or Not?!

cows on the road varanasi

To start with, the Famous Indian Cows, of course. In no less a place than Varanasi, which is going to turn into a city like Kyoto, in about triple x years. …And these Cows, as You know, might be Interested in Mixed Fruit Jam, or some such, if offered on some Chapatis, but Traffic Jams do not Interest them. [Obliged for that Traffic Jam bit to MichelleMarie in her comment to Rajiv Chopra’s post.] Graphic above, from:

Texas_longhorn s

Above, an example of the famed, Mighty Steers of the Wild West! We read that the Cowboys would not handle them without their horses! Picture from:

buffaloes chase off lions

Here We have the Buffaloes making Lions Turn Tail! From:


Now for the Questions, Please:

  • Should We be Like the Indian Cow, Peacefully chewing its cud, Unmindful of Rains, Floods, Mudslides, and Traffic jams? Also Unable to Help its Offspring, When their Milk is Denied them?
  • Or like the American Steers? Frighten, YET Unable to Help its own Slaughter?
  • Maybe We should be, to Stay in the Cow family, like the Wild Buffalo? But these Mighty Creatures have been practically Eliminated from the ‘West,’ hunted down with ‘buffalo guns,’ one by one by one.

But Who Knows, maybe All these are ‘Cribbing’ and Grumbling inside their Big Heads.

Or Shall We be like Enlightened Humans, Who would Fight against Needless Killing of Any Kind, Who would Fight that Calves get their full share of Milk, and Who could make Mudslides Not Happen?

The Lion ‘might’ be the king of the Jungle, but Humans hold Sway over Earth. As Such, even the Cows would look to Us to Protect them. So what is it going to be? Cows, of any kind, or the Cribbing of the Weak, or the Enlightened Human? The Choice is Ours. 


I believe that Rajiv Chopra raised Exactly this query. This article is Inspired by Rajiv Chopra’s latest post:

Religious Leaders are Responsible

The complete title should have been: ‘Religious Leaders are Responsible for Values, and/or Changes in them.’


Now Stop me if You have heard this Joke:

A Really rich man comes to the Parish Priest and says: ‘Father, my Dog has died, and I want it buried in our Cemetery, complete with Mass, and all that.’

Father gives him a Cold look. He knows Mr. Bimbo is a big contributor to the church kitty, but there are limits! He removes his cigar from his mouth, and says: ‘Now look here, Bimbo, that is Not a Done thing.’

Bimbo says: ‘But, my Dear Father, Jimmy has been with me for the last 9 years. He was like a son to me.’

Father simply says: ‘Nothing doing.’

This goes on. But Bimbo did not become rich just like that. He knows how things work. Now He takes out His cigar from his mouth, and says: ‘Here, Father, is a small cheque for a Million Dollars, just for expenses, You know.’

Father pockets it and asks: ‘Bimbo, Just Why didn’t You tell me Earlier that Jimmy was Baptised?’

cath burial

Christ’s Teachings of Love could have been Inculcated into the Faithful by the Clergy if they themselves had known What Love is, and had Experienced it. But, from the pope down, Knowing neither Love, nor the Reality of the Happiness AND the Difficulties of Married life, they just let off their Flatulence once a week, and keep eating.

And what has happened?

  • People love Animals more than they love Humans.
  • People speak of Putting off Others if they are too Bothersome. So Okay, if I find a New Friend Problematic, Unhelpful or Worse, I can Unfriend him/her. People have come to think that they can do it with their Parents, Spouses, Children and Relatives.
  • Values have gone to the Mud.

Christ’s Teaching of: “Love one another as I have Loved You,” has become the modern: ‘Let us love if it is convenient.’

And People give Religion a Bad Name. No, Let us go and kick the so-called religious leaders. Let us not blame Religion.


Does it seem that I keep speaking against catholic leadership? Of course I do. I believe that We have to Clean up Our Own Stables.

Seems it is Better to be a Dog, or a Cat!

Let us say somebody takes his Cat or Dog, or who knows, Ass, to the Vet for a routine checkup. And the Wise man says: “Prepare yourself. your animal has only a few weeks to live. Now pay up 50 dollars.”

They pay up the money without a second thought. But that is Not the point. They drop everything they are doing to BE with the precious creature, who has been with them for 8 years, or 9 or 10 or 11, as the case may be. They take Leave from their Jobs to Cook and Care for it. They even send off their Wives and Children to Timbuktu, as they would be a Hinderance and a Bother.

Then they sit down at their computer, typing One-handedly, (One hand on the animal’s head, see?), Very Broken down, as their animal says, “What a Loving Master I have!” They write 50-page Odes and Paeans to the Animal; tear it up, (You can’t do it on the comp, of course, …figuratively), and phone up Shakespeare to complete the Job.

Because You see, it was the animal which had brought them up, wiped their butts and sent them to college and prepared them for life and livelihood. Their Parents? Oh, they had just been a Bother.

abandoned old woman

Photo from Internet.

OUT… of the Rat Race!

I have never tried my hand at poetry, though I have written Songs. But this one seemed to Flow! And, incidentally, this should be my 300th post, in about 225 days! One Reason Why I am not able to go through Your posts!

Rat race

It’s a Mad Race, It’s a Rat Race, and a Sad Race, my Friend
And Wise is the Person who Gets Out of In Time.

They’ll beguile You, They’ll Trap You
Telling You that You NEED – their Lotions and things
Ev’r thought What You’d Do, after You are Wed
D’You Think Y’r Hubby’ll Leave You if You are Two shades too Red?

If Only Rest’raunt Food, and If Only Daily Outings
Can make You Happy, then tell me my Friend
Just How many Hours in a Month You have managed to be So.

You built a Million dollar home
But Your IRS* neighbour built a Billion dollar one
Tell me What Now, Would You Bomb the house where You dwell?

Why run THEIR courses, Why run THEIR races?
From the Fair and Lovely cream and the Cell phones You bought
THEY’r wining and dining, and smirking the while.

Foxes run in Groups, the Rats do much Worse
Tis the Lone and Proud Lion that We find Standing Tall

So What Would We Be, Rats, Mice or Men
It’s a Mad Race, It’s a Sad Race, but We DO have a Choice.


*IRS: The Indian Revenue Service, India’s Tax dept!

Buffaloes, Jackfruit and Virginity!

Trust Yesudas to Start posts with such Names! Whatever would Virginity have to do with Jackfruit, and who cares for that in Buffaloes, anyway? Or, Whatever connection could the Three have, to occur together in a Headline?

Gotcha. Indian Bloggers might understand, but I am playing little tricks on You. Am sure You will agree with me when I say that ‘Rape’ is a kind of Losing Virginity. And, the Theft of 7 Buffaloes and 2 Jackfruit had been in the Indian News for some time.

Am also Sure You will All join me in Congratulating and Felicitating our Indian Police in solving, er, these latter two ‘Crimes.’ But alas, for ‘delay’ in solving the case of the Buffs. 3 policemen were suspended. Here are some details:

buffs stolen a

The glorious leader to whom those precious Buffaloes belong is at top left. But to here is a Bigger picture of his, along with his Friend.

buff azam khan

Found a good toon in this regard. The Cartoon is Not mine.

buff cartoon

More in:


Allow me to present You with the Important Episode in the History of India, that of the minister’s stolen Jackfruit.

jackfruit stolen

And Another Toon, Let us Thank God for these! Again, toon not mine.

jackfruit toon

The toon is also from:


So, Whole Teams of the police were mobilized, over bally animals and measly jackfruit. Whereas, the Two Minors who had been Gang Raped and Hung on the Tree are finding No Justice. Much Mockery IS taking place, though. More on this in the links.

About The 6 year old Child in Bangalore, in the earlier reports it had been said that She had been Raped. Now they are saying, even in the media, that She was ‘Allegedly’ Raped. How Long does it take to Find out if a 6 year old had been Raped? Are they in Any way Serious about Investigating this?

More Attention, thus, We see, if Paid to Theft, than to Reports of Rape.


Would it be enough to blame the politicos, the judges and the police over these things? …Which of Us would Not get Riled up if a Theft takes place in Our House? Would We be saying that We have No Time to pursue the matter, or that We are Tired, or anything?

How Much Attention have WE given to the Sufferings of our Fellow Humans? How Much Support have We Rendered them? Have We even posted anything on the Issue? Worse, Do We Even Read those kinds of articles? Theft, takes Precedence over Rape. Or, in other words, Even for Us, Is it Not Buffaloes and Jackfruit above Virginity?

Probable vs Possible

Right from my Youth, have heard that One has to be Prepared and Ready to Die in one’s Sleep. Happily, Most of the Time, I have been Successful in that! The thing is that over the years, Long years, I seem to have come the Conclusion that it is Not Very Probable that I would be dying thus. But Which one of Us can say, Daringly, that it is Not Possible?!

But this post is Not about Dying in one’s Sleep!


A 6 year old Child has been raped In Her School in Karnataka. The (Dis)honourable chief minister of that state asked, in effect, What was the Big deal in that?

k'taka cm siddaramaiah what big deal abt rape of 6 yr old

Image from:

[What gets my Goat is the Glee in the face of the Toadies behind the man. These kind of people Always surround these kinds of people.]

This post IS about Rapes. And the growing Possibility of this Nastiness, this Horror, Touching Our Own Lives.

One would have thought that with things becoming ‘Public’ so easily, things becoming News so easily, criminals would be more cautious. But since our politicos, judges and the police find ‘No big deal’ even in the Rape of 6 year olds, the thing remain just that: News.

They dare to Gang Rape our Girls and Women in Buses, they Gang Rape and Hang them on Trees, they Gang Rape and Mutilate them With Crow Bars before Killing them. This last one fills me with Anger.

The man who has finally been arrested for the Rape of the 6 year old was serving as the ‘Skating Instructor’* at the Child’s School! Now hear this, Now hear this! The deed did not happen in some Remote, 2 bit school, nor in some ‘ordinary,’ ‘useless’ government school where Nobody wants to send their children. Skating Instructors would be expected Only in places where You would be dishing out some 20 Thou a Month! So, Is Your Child Safe?

Now hear this, Now hear this! ‘Another man, who allegedly raped a seven-year-old child inside a city school two years ago, is no longer even behind bars.’*

So What should We say Now? Has it become Very Probable that such Nastiness would be touching our own lives very soon? No, I would Not say that. But, Unless We Join our Voices to those who are Protesting and Fighting against this evil, Should We Not say that it is Quite Possible that these crimes would keep Increasing? And Maybe Touch Our Very Lives?