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15 Bestselling Authors Who Overcame Rejection

As a person writing a Novel of my own, I found this quite good! Besides the Inspiring account of how 15 Great authors overcame rejection, I found Ryan’s ‘Writer’s Toolbox’ Very Useful. Thanks to Ryan for sharing! 🙂

A Writer's Path

Reading a book at the beach

Have you ever felt that you’re the only one in the entire world who likes your book? You’re not alone. These bestsellers might also have wondered that after so many rejections.

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“Jack Nicholson” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me…

I am a person who can swim like a stone, as they say in India, and my paint will Invariably drip even when I am painting on a plank. Ray is a SUPERB ARTIST to achieve all this through Spray painting. Kudos indeed.

Let us join him in his fight against the Tumour.

Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

Please read the entire post and share if you could!

“Jack Nicholson” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me.
Sold / Commissioned 3ft x 2ft

Ferrer - Jack N

Everything in my Etsy Shop is 50% off to aid w/ our Brain Tumor battle.  Use coupon code ART50 at checkout to get 50% off listed price.  Etsy Shop –>  Ray’s Shop

**Signed / Limited Prints available here: –> “Jack Prints

Also, please have a look at the rest of my blog if you are unfamiliar with our struggle.  My biopsy of the tumor is scheduled, tentatively, for April 21st.  Enjoy the artwork 🙂

Artist Ray Ferrer – Brain Tumor

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