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Hello World!


The Israeli film jury head suddenly u-turned. Had written abt it, but can’t find the tweet now. The point is India, is an Importing country, with Billions of customers, that status will be maintained, using all necessary pressure for that.

Biden praises India! And modi a self declared Charvaka (hedonist). Democracy, Morals, Values, …these are words of yester year. When all gets said and done, We start with ‘Water world,’ of course.

modi has bought SO much of putin’s oil. YET petrol-diesel is extremely expensive in India.


Hello Again!


Largely pictorial. Let me start with a toon!


In my case, have not written Anything on this my blog for… I can’t rememember how long.

Have been fairly busy on facebook, twitter n a thing called koo, which aspires to be like twitter. …And here are some of my gems(!), which I had shared over all above.

On Gun control (in the US):

and a few more in that vein.

Then quite a few on (against) Abortion. These were very much responding to telecasts over BBC and CNN; (Indians generally don’t care so long as the Awl is not up theirs, and the Indian media is happy to cater to them).

no. 4 is important


Right on the Independence Day of India, the 15th of August, facebook saw fit to block poor ole me. …It is Very much in the grips of the right-wing bjp, currently the ruling party of India.

Why was I blocked? No info. But I suspect, my posts. Do You find these wrong?

And then, when Twitter Unblocked me (!) and I found my pope‘s mewlings, though in and by himself he is a Very good man (and a Poor leader, in my opinion), I dished off these to him.

Am trying to work more on my Novel. Wish me luck. With Love to You All, Yesudas.


The Glorious Free Media in the world’s largest democracy


I shall confine myself to the TV media and the Social ones.

The Netizens have a name for the TV channels in general in India, namely, ‘the godi media.’

Take, for instance, the TV channels tearing into the 19 children killed in the US, (heinous as it is);

but nary a word about the rabid dog, (see! found a new name for the mad dog) – to continue, nary a word about the rabid dog killing children in the 100s/1000s (? You choose), – in poor ole Ukraine.

I mean buy your effing oil and coal, but Come out and Say putin bombarding from AFAR, on Civilian areas, is wrong.

THAT is the problem. Under the bjp, India has lost her soul.

Everything, and I mean everything that modi does is a masterstroke for his uneducated supporters.

It could mean the media that is modi’s/bjp’s (this latter being the ruling party in India just now). It could also mean that it is modi’ media, but We dont have enough Freedom to say that.

People just blame the media, saying it receives/accepts money from the bjp.

But there is something worse; much more sinister. The bjp simply and Easily resorts to Violence. And People Know that. And are Afraid.

Facebook AND twitter had said that their officials were getting (physical) threats.

So, all in all, India is a democracy yet, and the media is absolutely free.


On Will n Chris, again.


Additions below:

My comment on this post on the following blog:

dtp, I am an Indian. A catholic priest aged 74 yrs. that shd say something. …whatever the backgrounds, I appreciate Will for standing up for his wife. It is Chris n the Oscar committee that should apologize. if somebody talks of violence, it is Chris who is guilty.

The blog here:


Somebody has questioned whether Will would have slapped a white man in the same situ.

But for me the issue is: Do I have to smile/swallow it, if somebody insults my wife? Let me go the whole hog and say what if somebody blatantly misbehaves with my daughter?

…Long topic. Cannot be dealt with in a blog post.

politicos calculate whether they will get votes, or not, by a particular statement/action. most people calculate whether their words/actions will land them in trouble/jail.

I live by the standard that that is No way to live. For me Love, Decency, Courage, Justice, Freedom, Democracy, etc, to name a few, count more than life.

I will Die on my feet, rather than live on my knees.


On Bp Desmond Tutu.


“What have you brought along with you in your journey?

What have you broken along your journey?”

An excerpt from this good read:

Though, instead of: ‘What have you broken along your journey?’, I would ask: What are you leaving behind? 🙂


Evil Never Rests


Really VERY happy to see You back, my Dear Anna. Very pertinent points, Very well presented.

…Re the catholic church, of late had been SO discouraged by, particularly its Inaction, had thought of giving it up. Lethargy? God’s Will/Grace? Have not done so.

…But at least over the Ukraine issue, pope Francis has redeemed himself.

Perhaps We have to mention that kirill has egg all over his face, and has succeeded in getting the Russian Orthodox church removed from the World council of churches (bbc/cnn news).

…Did see a meme/graphic saying Francis intends to visit Poland at this time. Seem to have lost that pic.


ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

Evil eyes Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStock

The past two years have been eventful for the world.  First, Covid dominated the news. Now, the tragic war in Ukraine (with 115 children killed, 140 injured, an untold number orphaned, and 1.5 million made refugees) is a major focus [1][2].

The following events have, also, taken place. They demonstrate that evil never rests:

  • Incest — Gucci heiress, Alexandra Zarini, has alleged that her stepfather, Joseph Ruffalo, sexually abused her between the ages of six and twenty-two. Her lawsuit has fractured the family, and confirmed that wealth is no safeguard against child abuse [3].
  • Catholic Church Sex Scandal — Retired Pope Benedict XVI (former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) has asked forgiveness from victims for his mishandling of four Catholic Church sex abuse cases [4]. Ratzinger did not in so many words apologize or accept blame. He continues to deny personal responsibility for the rapes and sodomy perpetuated by his failure to…

View original post 474 more words



That peculiar sounding thing is a Tamil word, the first of a Very famous poem,

நாமார்க்குங் குடியல்லோம் நமனை யஞ்சோம்
நரகத்தில் இடர்படோம் நடலை யில்லோம்
ஏமாப்போம் பிணியறியோம் பணிவோ மல்லோம்
இன்பமே யெந்நாளுந் துன்ப மில்லை
தாமார்க்குங் குடியல்லாத் தன்மை யான
சங்கரன் சங்கவெண் குழையோர் காதிற்
கோமாற்கே நாமென்று மீளா ஆளாய்க்
கொய்ம்மலர்சே வடி இணையே குறுகி னோமே

by a sage named Thirunaavukkarasar,

whose first line has become a saying: Naamaarkkum kudiyallom, namanai anjom.

[ Seems Very hard to find men of courage, who can speak their mind against Injustice and Tyranny in India these days. ]

Going back to Our sage, he had been commanded to present himself before the king, to which he had responded:

I am nobody’s subject.

Meaning he served god alone.

To give credit, he is not the only one who was bold.

Let us Salute Gandhiji, Martin L King, Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela, to name Just a few.

A (Zen) master was told by a king(?) …Don’t You know i can run You through? To which the Master had replied: ‘Don’t You know i am one who is Ready to be run through?!

I shall Always remember and salute The Man in front of the Tanks.

Unlike these Lynchers who HAVE to be in groups to beat up lone men.

Seems Very hard to find men of courage, who can speak their mind against Injustice and Tyranny in India these days.

I don’t thnk ANY of Us (Bloggers) would be ready be Subject to somebody. It takes some doing to remain that way. But in these days of So-called Democracy, We have to make the Masses understand this. That takes plenty of doing, too! 🙂

It seems some momma told her (grown up) child living abroad and phoning her, that putin was a god.

And what has putin done? After getting all those Mega bucks out of Oil, etc, started paying the pensions and made sure the peasants had enough to eat. …modi is doing at least the second (though it is not even enough). This has been enough for the Majority of #russia and #India. A bag of grain Though the foot is on the Neck/Head.

And that is being a Subject, a gulaam, a sheep of George Orwell.

Subjects, who have accepted subjugation!

Let’s say: Not for Me!


Will Smith


I stand with #WillSmith on his #slapping the idiot. joke about others’ wives, will you?

The World has a veritable Habit of making mountains out of molehills.

Eg, Will Smith’s slap, and Biden’s faux pas about putin not to be allowed to stay in power, which is Absolutely Right, of course.

And ‘Ignoring Logs in the eye!’

How many are talking about putin bombing Civilian areas of Ukraine, Not allowing People to go to Safety out of Mariupol?

Let me go back to Will Smith.

Throw that trophy in their faces, Will.

A slap and a (verbal) Insult? What is the difference? Unless We take this Stupid Indian court’s ruling: It’s Not hate speech if said with a smile! In which case I say Up theirs, with the requisite smile, of course.


Curse Racism.


Proud of them all. Blessings.

[Regarding the above picture, let’s not think this happens regularly. The very opposite is true. For above event, in 2012, I think, the team were given the nod for it by the management. And who gives the nod to the management? 🙂 modi is another putin in the making, my Dear Folks.]

The White/Fair-Skinned think they are better. True, Most of them progressed Much faster because they advanced techologically. And Why and How was this?

The Land they lived in gave better yield both in grain and livestock. Try to raise crops in Serengeti.

This gave them the energy and the time to explore for metals and to work on them. The African or the South American, and the like, had to chase their meal for hours and hours.

Let’s talk Beauty. While We have All found Beauty from All across the Globe, isn’t it true that We find Our Own the most beautiful?

In the sight of God, for those who would subscribe to this, a certain section of His children/creation just cannot be better than another.

Those who believe in Racism, (there are Plenty of those), are cursed by the powers that be. See what happened to that supremo with the short moustache!

After about 13 decades, the pope is bleating on Ukraine. Ok, that is an improvement. But getting to 28 from 3, while being an improvement, is still Failure. …kirill, of course, has done not even that much.

Doing a wrong, and standing by idly, – when you have the power to stop it, – what difference?

Has there been a Black pope?

Inspired by: