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Scent Messages


I have Rats on my ceiling, and they do smell a lot. But what to do about Wolves in Sheeps’ clothing, who smell of roses? 😦

VERY true, at least for India.


a nomad in cyberspace

Never mind the ballyhoo on show,
odour tells you all there is to know -
smell a rat, no matter how he smiles, 
each move he makes reminds you of his wiles.


inspiration: Nose from

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International Women’s Day


My Respects, Love and Regards to All the Ladies in the World. Especially to Our Lady bloggers, and the Brave Ladies of Ukraine and Russia.

Let me Salute the Brave Ladies of India who WALKED, often Carrying their Children, HUNDREDS of Kilometres in 40+ centigrade heat, due to our prime minister modi’s unplanned handling of the Corona lockdown.

And just One on the Children.


Ruth's Reflections

It’s International Women’s Day, and there’s little sign of public acknowledgement, presumably because there’s so much else on the public mind.

My thoughts are with the women of Ukraine. It is barely believable that just a few weeks ago they were living comfortably in situations similar to our own. Today they fear for their lives and those of their loved ones. Some are preparing to fight. I heard a woman interviewed who said it takes strength in the hand and fingers to fire a weapon. When asked how she would feel about killing someone she said she wasn’t thinking about that, just concentrating on the moment.

Many have left home, husbands, and other family to take their children on long journeys to uncertain safety, with tags showing their children’s blood group sewn into their clothes.

Ukrainian child refugees

There have been pictures of people carrying a loved pet, and I’ve…

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How dictators are made


In my previous post today, a Young man had shared how they had tried to prevent the advent of putin, but had failed.

In another of my previous posts, in Facebook, I think, I had written that one cannot speak against certain regimes; that India is Still free, and that people should speak out while they still can.

Take the case of North korea:

They, (including the children), are supposed to be mourning the past dictator. …The internet also provides further interesting pictures.

Practically Everyone knows how putin is handling who are even calling this conflict ‘War.’

xi has entered Indian territory, which the Indian gorement denies with convoluted arguments.

China gobbling up Tibet, Hongkong, Taipei and above all the Tiananmen square incident are History. The level of freedom xi and co provide must be apparent from these.

What about India?

  1. modi is surrounded by a security detail of One Thousand, it is said. he is that brave.

2. his supporters are Super brainless. The Axiom, No amount of Proof will convince an I**** was made for them. they will believe Whatever he says, and All he does is good for them.

A satirical meme on modi’s promise, that 15 lakhs (1.5 million, rupees, of course) will be credited to Each Indian, which his party accepted as a political gimmick. This man is supposed to be checking whether the money has come into his account. He has come prepared with a Sack!

Not only is modi a Liar (Nobody asked him to make all those promises!), he has Blood on his hands. For these people, a simple statement to the Idiot police, – Idiots because they serve politicians rather than the Country, – viz: “Let the people (meaning, a particular group) have their way,” is All that it takes.

And here is the latest:

This posting in Instagram, by a Very Respectable Tamil channel, The Sun News, says that people coming for his rally were told to remove ALL Black colour on their persons, to the extent of SOX and black coloured C*r*na face masks! A Dictator in the making, if ever there was one. …Will brook No dissent!

And here We are, happily posting on Gowns, our tours, the food we have eaten.

In the beginning of this post We had seen How that Young Man had Tried. We Refuse to Try, though We will Deny it tooth and nail.

This is what some German Youth visiting India had said:

But do we care? It will be ‘their’ problem, we say! 🙂

Would We Dare to do this?

If We don’t, …



Russians, on the War


Very good and heartlifting.

Copying and pasting as no reblog button.

Found the link below on the post of :


World War III


As my friends know, I am not a total pacifist.

Yet, though I have not personally experienced War, much less a World War, AM TOTALLY AGAINST IT (War). Yet…

Besides a few gruesome photographs that I possess of gunshot wounds, (one below)

…We have to remember that soldiers lose both hands and both legs, for whom, I have heard, governments have special homes. Thus, altogether War is Horrible, and to be avoided.

What do You do with/to a Mad Dogs? (VERY much of a reality in countries like India). No Mad Dogs are, or Can be, spared. I personally know of Two cases, where people were bit by them. One of them, locked inside a room, jumped up walls, and howled till he died (this is a very old case).

I have referred to #putin as a Mad Dog. If images are recent, he is not just cool, he is even smiling.

The latest is that he is declaring that Sanctions are Acts of War!

It is absolutely true that he might resort to a Nuclear War if the West joins in.

#putin, #xi, the #north-korean-head and #modi have been ardent students of #hitler. I would say these are observing and testing the water.

What is going to prevent the above named four from launching into further ‘adventures?’

Mad Dogs Have to be put down; not just put in jail or shot out of hand, but have their hands and legs chopped off, and left as examples for History books. …We have to prepare for WW III.


the russian orthodox church


(And the romancatholic one, of course).

Firstly, does anybody know what the russian orthodox church has said about putin’s invasion of Ukraine? Seems to me, they are too afraid to say anything.

Absolutely Unworthy of the Leader who had taught about Laying down one’s life.

I did hear one single bleat from the pope somewhat on the issue. Whatever the Lord decides, they have my spit.

PS: Rather miraculous! The pope has been Very active on the issue.


On Ukraine


Want to share Cecilia’s post with these words.

Sadly, it is mankind that does not care. That is what encourages people like putin, xi, India’s modi, modi’s billion supporters, the soldier who ran his tank over that car, and the soldiers who rape women in India’s North East.

Today’s generation, russian soldiers and citizens of the world, cannot say they do not know about hitler’s activities. At least in India the nazi legacy and Gandhi’s, are Boldly rewritten.


The Astonishing human being!


It is said that putin had amassed 40 billions (old figures). 20 years ago almost Nobody knew of adani or ambani. Today these are Asia’s richest.

Should these things matter?

Today the nations standing at the forefront in Defence of Ukraine are so called Christian ones.

Though Indian Sages and Far Eastern Masters were Never involved (directly,) in the defence of the down trodden, Hindu Sages Knew, and taught that Righteousness was of Paramount imortance. …Though Fools today translate Dharm as ‘religion,’ the ISKCON has given this Wonderful picture of Krishna hitting out at an ‘a’dharmi.

The above is connected to the one below. ‘ धर्म संस्थापनार्थाय ‘ occurring in the second line of the famous sloka. Krishna had said in Gita 4:8 that to punish the unrighteous and to Establish Righteousness, he would take birth in Every age; and that is what He is doing above.

The opposite of Dharm is Adharma. For the sake of the convenience of the british, some fool of an Indian long ago had equated Dharm to religion. The usage cannot be allowed to go on. …If Dharm is to be taken as religion, for Indians, Hinduism, what is Adharm?

The South has the Better word for religion: மதம் in Tamil, pronounced something like muh-thum, and the parallel word in Hindi – मत, unfortunately not used much.

Have We digressed? Easy to go back. The question was about the ‘rich.’

…Our TV people in India have the habit of ‘interviewing’ Citizens, as to whom they will vote for; what their problems are, and what they expect, etc.

In one of those,

People were saying that they are Surviving by Selling their Land.

NOTHING can be Worse than this.

And here We are, supposedly educated and ‘cultured’ people, posting photographs of places We have been to, the Food We have eaten, Scenery, and Love poems.

What is the difference between this man and Us?

I hope Our Grandchildren will say Different things about Us.


The #Hijab Athermath


The #bjp authorities in Karnataka in India who were not allowing Girls to cover their Heads, have backtracked.

My heartiest #Kudos to the #HijabWarriors. So the pig #bjp is learning that they cannot lead #India into #Fascism. Pic says so n so fell into the gutter, and all the gutter-worms came OUT!

It will Not work for anybody (#Kanimozhi) to say that it is ’The Woman’s Right to choose what she wants.’ …Madam, if you wear the Wrong clothes, you give freedom to the ’Bad’ guys, bec of whom the #Hijab n #Ghoongat are worn, to grab your pu**y, rather a Common occurrance in the #West. …Baldie is not even paying attention; and he cannot be part of tRump’s security detail (with that paunch?)