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WHY Can’t We…

I Fail to Understand. In India, people even seem to ‘like’ to beat up pickpockets and petty thieves. Ok, it would take special kinds of people to handle a Man wielding a Knife. But Rapists? When they are becoming More daring day by day, and carrying out such deeds while yet in their Teens? Are there No MEN left in India? Just Why Can’t We Beat the **** out of these mangy fellows?

If I seem Bloodthirsty, I make No Apologies. I do Hope and Pray Nobody from the Families of Our Blogging community gets Raped. And if that does happen, Please Hope and Pray that Some Madcap like me is there, to Stand With You.

I Wish to write a few more lines on this. At least in India, Everybody fears Rape of their Womenfolk. That is Why No Family Allows their Women to Travel alone. But the Trouble is that people think ‘It will Not happen to Them.’ Yet it is beginning to happen. A Child of 7 is out, playing, and She is abducted and Gangraped. Police even Hinder in allowing the little Girl medical attention. (Read more about this here.)

WE DEFINITELY ARE OUR BROTHER’S KEEPERS. We are Answerable for them. I live by that.


Here is an instance where a policeman DRAGS a mere Thief by his motorcycle, stopping only when the poor man fainted.

policeman drags thief


Frequently, Thieves Steal just to Stay alive. Some, who rob, for instance, Motorcycles, make a few thousands more. It seems a Cambodian mob beat some of them to Death, as in:

beaten to death motor cycle robbers

Frenzied Cambodian mob kills motorcycle thieves with bamboo sticks

Why are We Citizens Hesitant to become Hard with Rapists? Why do Rapists, Murderers and Serious Criminals get special protection from Courts and police, not to say politicians?

Their identities are Hidden. They are Protected and Mollycoddled.

hiding culprits

hiding culprits:

And these are Gang Rapists, mind You. See How Casually, Unconcernedly, they Stand? All those fat police fellows are interested just in getting their photographs taken.

The political class benefits by hiding the identities of criminals. The courts, ‘Back Scratchers’ for the politicos, concur. After all, is it for Nothing that cases against politicians drag on for centuries (haha, decades, at least!). No judge declares his assets.

All politicians, down to the Street and Village level one, has a number of rowdies at his beck and call. Killings and Murders of political opponents is No new thing, at least in India. And when such fellows get ‘caught,’ they get ‘release’ orders, right at the police stations, and get added to the private armies of politicos. Otherwise, Where Else are You going to find people ready to chop off someone’s head for a few thousands?

It is becoming a case of ‘Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child.’ The Fear of God has to be Instilled. And Crooks Need it Very Much. At present, We Citizens are living in Fear, and the Ungodly have NO idea of fear. Should Not things be in reverse?

I am No Anarchist. Nor a Vigilante. I will Participate in No Lynching. On the contrary, I shall try my best to stop such things. But Why Can’t We give a Good Beating to Rapists? I Fully Believe it will make a difference. Find them out in their villages and mohallas, and give it to them. But Always do it in Numbers, of course.

…There is an Update. They are making the Victims go through Lie Detector Tests. Read it here.

Dashrath Manjhi – Affable Giant!

 Road Dashrath-Manjhi 0

Dashrath Manjhi’s wife Fagunia, died due to lack of medical treatment because the nearest town with a doctor was 70 km away from their village. A not easily climbable hillock was blocking access to the town, which made this long detour necessary. See also:

Now Due to his road, the distance has reduced to a mere 1 Km. Altogether, a 30 feet wide road, (10 metres), involving Single Handed Labour of 22 long years.

Road Dashrath Manjhi a

Above, Perhaps one of the earliest photographs of his Road. Evidently he had already worked Long on it.

Road dashrath-manjhi b

Dashrath at his labour of Love. We can clearly see that he was Not a Young man when he was doing this. I hope We can All be Giants like Him.

Road Dashrath Manjhi c

The shot above gives a clear view of what the hillock had blocked access to.

Road dashrat-manjhi-d 30 ft wd 22 yrs

The Road after the administration has given some Finishing touches to it. The gap is said to be, to repeat, 30 feet wide. Imagine the amount of Rock he must have removed!

…To read about Jadav Payeng, who also, Single Handedly, raised up 1,360 acres of Forest, please click here.

…The Taj Mahal, one of the Most Beautiful buildings in the World, was built by countless labourers, and is said to be Shah Jahan’s memorial to his wife. This road is One-Lone-Man, Dashrath Manjhi’s Tribute of Real Labour-of-Love for his wife. No Need to Compare. But there it is. An Affable Giant, and one whose Example We can All eminently follow! And We Thank Manjhi for this Good Road.

Jadav Payeng, One Man Army

While I was going through my Notifications and Responding to them, a brother blogger had referred to the Man who had Single handedly raised up a Whole Forest. He is Jadav Payeng, and it is Right that he has a ‘page’ in Wikipedia, vide:

Forest Jadav Payeng

Jadav Payeng. Image from Wiki.


Forest man Jadav forest

I Salute Payeng’s Courage, Love and Sheer Determination. Planet Earth owes him Thanks! He singlehandedly raised No less than 1,360 acres/550 hectares of Forest, a Veritable Ecosystem, devoting 30 years to this labour of Love, and has started another similar project!

“The forest houses around four tigers, three rhinoceros, over a hundred deer and rabbits besides apes and innumerable varieties of birds, including a large number of vultures. There are several thousand trees among which are valcol, arjun, ejar, goldmohur, koroi, moj and himolu. There are bamboo trees too covering an area of over 300 hectares. A herd of around 100 elephants regularly visits the forest every year and generally stay for around six months. They also gave birth to 10 calves in the forest in recent times.”

Quote and picture below from:

Forest man Jadav ele


Forest man Jadav rhino

So he has not raised just trees, but an Ecosystem! The above link informs us that Jadav has begun another Giant Forest Project! What a Giant of a Man!


While We are talking about Jadav Payeng, this Giant of a Man, this One-Man-Army, We should pay Tribute to Dashrath Manjhi too, another Affable Giant, who also Single handedly made Way, and created a Path. Of Dashrath, in the Next post.

Gandhi: “Love is for the Brave!”

Came across this Quote in Kimberly Townsend Palmer‘s post, entitled: “a critical review of equatorial rhythms, “written” by robert alfred kamarowski, former coast guard seaman.” Gandhi’s Quote, ‘Love is the Prerogative of the Brave,’ itself is taken from:

Here is the Way the Quote is presented in Kimberly’s post:

Gandhi love courage

Loved it!

Tiananmen Square massacre – In Memoriam


“Today marks the 25 anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre that saw China’s People’s Liberation Army gun down hundreds of civilians in a brutal crackdown on protests against government corruption, lack of transparency and freedom of speech.” (From Article).

Tiananmen Square massacre

Graphic from article.



The Newspaper post deals more with the  man who has become a Symbol of that Resistance, now famous as TANK MAN. His Courage Needs our Salute, of course. But they have also Researched into, and have Discussed, His Interaction with the Tank Men/Drivers.

“Jan Wong, the former Toronto Globe and Mail Beijing correspondent, remembered seeing tanks repeatedly attempting to drive around him, before switching off their motors.”

Those Tank Drivers showed that they were True Human Beings. I had Never known this. This piece of news Electrifies me! I Salute those Drivers too!


I have Repeatedly said that Members of the Armed Forces should even be Ready to Refuse orders if and when Necessary. After all, the Trials post hitler’s time have shown that ‘I was following Orders’ is NOT going to be Acceptable.

It is the Brass that proves, time and again, to be Guilty. If Not the courts, Time will Question them.


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