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AAP is Winning!

AAP Prerna

This is AAP volunteer Prerna, had quit CNN-IBN & Headlines Today to join Aam Aadmi Party. Both She and her Husband Ankit Lal, another AAP volunteer, have suffered Injuries during Rallies. Hers is not the most grievous injury; just the Latest. Photo from Facebook.

Below is a compilation of my tweets this evening. That is why it wears a numbered look!

1. Hinduism is a Great Religion. (Let us Not start a discussion on whether it is a Religion or a Way of life). That is Not my point here.

2. Among Hinduism’s Greatest Contributions We have Dhyaan and Yoga, to state them separately and Simply. I regularly practice both!

3. Let Nobody think I am fawning up to Hinduism. It is an Honest Appreciation. You will note that I live as a Sannyasi, and from 1976.

4. (While I appreciate So many things about Hinduism, I remain a Christian, of course). To Continue, Hindus are a Friendly People.

5. There are Really Many Hindus whom We can call Enlightened People (I am not talking about Realized ones here), Caring, Good Neighbours.

6. For all this, it is only Natural that there will be Many who do not know the Heart and Soul of Hinduism.

7. Sadly, some political parties just USE these, and depend on these for their political victory.

8. Many may vote for the bjp believing in its ‘devt agenda.’ Many would be doing so purely because bjp again and again raises Rel issues.

9. Given all this, bjp’s victory, AT LEAST THIS TIME, is almost a foregone conclusion!

10. In this context, the Numerous Attacks on AAP members ‘by the bjp and its affiliates’ goes to show one thing. AAP is making its Mark!

11. These Attacks are Just Proving to the Nation that AAP has arrived, to the extent of getting bjp rattled.

12. All this is Good News for AAP and NATION! Honest and Corruption Free Times lie ahead. Like, at the Next gen elections. Vande Mataram!

Making a Difference!

Am Very Happy to Notice, and to Share with You, one of the latest of HAVELLS advertisements.

havells power in YOUR hands

Picture source: Youtube; by Screen Capture, from Havells advertisements

The little story behind this goes thus: People come into an office, and ask the New officer to sign and approve some project, which seems to have been held up for years.

They stand with FOLDED HANDS.

The Young Officer asks one of them to Put ON the Fan, the to Put it Off, and On again. Which, Naturally, both Perplexes and Irritates them.

And then the officer delivers the Punch Line:


And he further says, Do Not stand with Folded hands, rather, COMMAND, (Hukum keejiye).

Excellent. Kudos to the Havells team.

Much for Us to learn from here!

The Power IS in Our hands. Not that We are supposed to pick up fights in every office. But let us give up Our Earlier Servile Attitude, (Stop calling each Bally Babu as ‘sir,’), and GET THINGS DONE.

On Servants

In this post I want to share with You that:

  1. I do not like the word ‘Servant;’ It is too Demeaning, and should be Abolished, if not Dis-used.
  2. But there are some who Rejoice and Glory in the word ‘Servant,’ and in Being Servants! It seems to be something like the Stockholm Syndrome!

Let us get down to it!

servants 1880 e

Family photo NE India 1880’s, Source: ebay, Nov. 2006


1. The picture seems to bring out what a Servant was/is supposed to be: One who sits at the feet, and does the things somebody called a ‘master/mistress’ does not want to do. Namely, Menial Jobs.

Let us Note a few things in this photograph.

(Particularly) In the Indian Culture, a Woman is supposed to keep her head Covered as a mark of Respect. A man ‘bares’ it for the same effect, to ‘show’ respect. If he is ‘wearing’ his headgear, he is deemed to ‘stand tall.’ Children would not be bothered about such things. Also, More clothes signify Affluence and Demand Respect.

The picture clearly shows how, in the case of Servants, all these norms were Flouted. There is No worry about Child Labour. The men are ‘made’ to wear all those ‘extra,’ unnecessary clothing, and the headgears, while made to stand, and made to understand that for all the paraphernalia, they are there to do the bidding: the ‘master’ saith come, and he cometh, and vice versa. …Even the boy has been made to don the turban.

…The Lord Jesus Himself, Surprisingly and seemingly Shockingly, refers to the way Servants were supposed to behave. See Luke 17:7-10. It is totally Bereft of Dignity.

The word Service, coming from the Same Roots, means something very different from that of Servanthood. Mother Teresa Served. Nobody thinks any the less of her for that.

There are indeed instances where those who are called Servants are High Dignitaries. Abraham’s Servant, the one who was charged with finding a wife for Isaac, ‘Was Incharge of All he (Abraham) had.’ Genesis 24:2. Jesus is the Suffering Servant. The one in the parable of the Unforgiving Servant owed his master ‘Ten Thousand Talents,’ Matthew 18:24, KJV. One Talent was a Measure of Weight, of More than 34 Kilograms! (That was how the Kings of Old measured their Income!). Thus, at least the Servants mentioned in this paragraphs were not Menials!

But In General, the Term Servant is a Put-Down word. There were ‘Service Entrances,’ and ‘Service Elevators.’ In many parts of the World, a ‘Servant’ cannot travel on the same ‘lift’ as …Others!

At least for the present, at this point of time, Doing Odd Jobs for Others is a Powerful Means of Earning one’s Livelihood for Very Many indeed. It is Poverty and Circumstances that forces them to take up these kinds of works.

We Should Not Shame them Further by calling them Servants. The Right word would be: Employees.


2. There is a category of people who are known as ‘government servants.’

[First of all, let me reiterate my Repugnance, Abhorrence and even Hatred for all words connected with ‘governance.’ I am Nobody’s Servant, except, as my name signifies, one of Christ Jesus, and by Choice at that. And I Absolutely Refuse to be ‘governed’ by any human being. Down with the word government. Let us use the term: Administration.]

‘A Clerk is a Jerk,’ has famously and rightly said Wayne Dyer, in his ‘Pulling Your Own Strings.’ These clerks and their cousins are whom We are referring to as  ‘government servants’ here.

While, by definition, there are bound to be Exceptions, for the most part, in India at least, people seek a ‘government’ job with their tongues hanging out; and most people obligingly, and like servants themselves, look ‘up’ to government servants.

Not just Clerks, but even officers, for instance, in the Electrical department, become servants to the SERVANT MENTALITY. Meaning thereby, for them, the master, in this case the Administration, can do no wrong!

These Employees get fat salaries, increments, housing, travel and medical facilities, etc. And, Even when they go to vote, where they can Choose the Right People in Complete Privacy, they faithfully cast their votes for their ‘masters.’ And the Administration in turn, knowing this very well, rewards the Employees with Increments at Just the Right time, (before elections, etc). You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Just saw in Facebook that another group of ‘government servants,’ in the ‘Law department,’ called judges, etc, work a mere 188 days a year! That makes it just about 50%.

 …’government servants’ as a body are a fairly educated group.

They can be Great Instruments of Change, If only they would WISH to be That! It is a Tragedy that they CHOOSE to Remain Servants in Every sense of the word.

I would even dare to say that the World would Change for the Better if they Start Using their Brains, which, along with their Souls, they seem to have ‘sold’ to the Administration. They are, as I said, an Educated, Organized, Huge Group, after all!

But what they actually do is calculate under which political party they would be the better able to collect More Bribes! They even Talk about it! You can hear this in Buses, at Tea Shops, and such, before election time! And being this Supposedly Educated, Organized, Huge Group, History shows us whom they have helped choose.

Here’s to Wishing that they would Wake Up one day.


There is another group of ‘government servants,’ who serve in the ‘Armed’ services, namely, the military and the police. Except in the case of the Famous Exceptions, they help the so called Administration, and prove to be Instruments of Destruction of the Individual and of Society. On this group, more later.

Talking All night, Is that Love?

In the advertisement, the boy has rung up the girl, and they have been talking till past midnight.

In the advertisement, the Girl sounds Tired.

voda talk all night a

voda talk all night b

Both images from Airtel adverts, by Screen Capture.

The Whole thing could Very Well have been Vice Versa. As, the girl having called up, and the boy ending up Tired.

We shall not, and cannot blame the people who dream up these adverts.

But, Talking All Night, Is that Love?


 TILL We Realize, that the OTHER Needs Space, Time, Rest and So Many Other Things, and Not Just the Sound of our Beautiful Voice, We are FAILING in Love.

The OTHERS in our Lives may be our Husbands, Wives, Mothers, Sons, Friends, Neighbours, Whoever.

They will have their own Priorities, Value Systems, Needs, Way they have been Brought Up, and Very Much So, the Need for Free Time.

Denying them that, Not thinking about Their Needs, is a Denial of their Rights, Invasion of their Privacy, and, though I say it once again, a Failure of Love.


One Other Advertisement, that of BRU, speaks about finding out What the People in our Lives LIKE.

Let us Find out, and Strive to Keep Finding, What will Help People, and Get to It!

2 Advertisements

Actually, the First one is a Series. Advertising HAVELLS Appliances and Products. We really have to Praise the Company, and those who came up with the Idea, Lowe Lintas and Partners. Kudos Indeed!

Am Sure this one will go a Long Way, in ‘Forming the Right Opinion about a Woman’s Rights.’ 

For videos on this, please visit:,Havells+urges+respect+for+women+pitches+appliances.aspx


The Second one is of the ‘Hero’ motorcycles. The ‘Boy Thing.’ They have named it Well. Un-Grown up, Immature, Irresponsible and Boorish.

As in:

The so called hero ‘Proposes’ in the Most Idiotic Way. Are Proposals of Marriage So Cheap?

I hope the company will see fit to remove this ad.

The Rakhi

The word Rakhi is derived from ‘Raksha,’ (Protection). Thus the Festival of the Rakhi is a Celebration of the Protection, particularly afforded by Brothers to their Sisters.

On this day, Girls to Temples to Pray for their Brothers, Fast for their Welfare, and Tie a Coloured, Soft Thread, which may be decorated, onto the wrists of their Brothers.


Picture from:

The deity does not need reminders to Protect Us! But I liked this picture!

Now for a Picture of the Rakhi:


Picture from:

It is said that there are Incidents in Indian History, when Queens of small states sent Rakhis to (Moghul) invaders, who accepted the Rakhis, refrained from attacking those kingdoms, and accepted those Queens as their Sisters.

I have a memorable experience in this regard. When I was doing my Theological studies in Ranchi, (some 35 years ago), an Orphan Girl who calls me Brother, waited for nearly 8 Hours, till about 5 o’clock in the evening, as I had been out, to tie me a Rakhi. And She had not eaten all this while, as Girls would eat only after Tying the Rakhi. God Bless such Love.

Rape, Bulls, and the Red Colour!

I believe that RAPE is one of the Most Horrific and Ugliest things that can happen to a person. And GANG RAPE is a thing nobody wants. That is Why, at the cost of being considered Odious and a Fool, I have written So much on this topic.

I have had occasion to meet some who have been in prison. They may be Bitter about their incarceration, but carry on with their ‘trade,’ nonetheless. Now let us see: No Woman Wants to get raped. Of course. And for this they say: ‘Real Men don’t Rape.’ The point is, even Men join in in this.

ream men dont rape

 He looks like a ‘He-Man’ alright!

But there Are Enough who are Cowards, Wimps, Pimps and Opportunists. And they Are going to ‘feel you up’ if You give them the chance. The Choice is Yours.

u cant rape me

Ha! I suppose people like these will file ‘cases’ against their rapists. I do think even People abroad know what happens to cases in Indian courts. Image from:

In many cases We are seeing our Young Women rush in where Angels fear to Tread. Let us have a ‘look’ at the places our young ladies venture into:

rape spot

This is the Actual Spot where a young woman was gangraped. She says she is a Journalist. That You may be. And ‘We’ are shouting ourselves hoarse telling that rapes should be stopped. But Did Your Wish, My/Our Shouting, and Your being a journo stop You from gangrape, madam?

A Young Woman might say that she is going to an Isolated spot to ‘cover a story,’ or some such. She would say that she went there with a male friend ‘for protection.’ That is Not how the World is going to take it. Very often You will find a small gang of Gamblers in such places. Numerous are the rapes that happen in Parks and Lone places like these, especially when a ‘Couple’ go in there. If a Lone man and woman go to a lonely place, it will be assumed that they are going there for Sex.

From my Younger days, ‘to this day,’ I have not seen Any Woman Travel Alone, any appreciable distance. At least, not Young and Comely ones. Truck Drivers and ‘Late-Night Celebrators in Cars,’ take Lone Walkers to be Prostitutes, and so stop and start talking ‘business.’ They do not easily take No for an answer. They are known to even try to snatch Womenfolk.

Bulls will ‘go’ for the Red colour. In India, men ‘go‘ after Lone women. Many times that ends up in Rape. After this article was written, a Young Woman travelling alone got her Lips bitten at Nagarcoil Railway station which You can read by clicking on the link.

This is the third article in this series. To go to the first, Please click here. To go to the next post in this series, Please click here.

Rape, Bulls, the Red Colour, and Hairstyle!

This is the second article in this series. To go to the first, Please click here.]

It has been said that I start my Talks, (and my Writings), like a Mystery Novel! What I want to  write in this post is about WISDOM IN OUR EVERYDAY BEHAVIOUR.

It is Really Quite Sad and Bad that a Young Man, Nido Tania, from Arunachal was killed by 7 or 8 men, beat with Sticks and Rods. It is frankly Sickening. My Condolences to the Family, and I Strongly Condemn the attack. Though it is not established that he was the Victim of Racial violence, the matter has been aired. We cannot do anything about one’s race. But there WAS another Issue, a small one, but there, nevertheless, which is said to have given Rise to the Incident. That of his HAIRSTYLE.

men's hair style

The picture above is Not a photograph of Nino, Nor of his hairstyle. Image from:

Nido died on the 30th of January. In an article written on the 10th of Feb, in the Times of India’s net edition, a reference is made to his Hairstyle being Commented on, Teased and Taunted, and Part of the Reason for the Attack on him. I give You excerpts. Reference to article in comments.

“When they asked the shopkeeper for directions, he poked fun at Nido’s hairstyle which annoyed him and he smashed a glass pane of the shop. The agitated shopkeeper and his three associates immediately pounced on Nido, beat him up and made derogatory remarks about his caste, race and looks, the report says.”

I remember from my Younger days, that many of us had started sporting Rajesh Khanna’s hair style. It included a ‘Head band,’ too! All these went with a ‘Rajesh Khanna’ Kurta, on top of Pants or Jeans. But We had to stand a Lot of Ribbing for this.

Then there were policemen who forcibly cut off long hair from Young men having them. with a few slaps thrown in. The Rajesh Khanna style had shoulder length hair. All these happened in Gorakhpur, UP, and it must have been between 1970 and 1980.

What the World says is this: Hair style or Dress, wear what You want. But Do Not Tell Us Not to Laugh. BE READY TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES. Which was mostly Ribbing, sometimes Taunts, and at times, these Unkind policemen.

A Funny Hairstyle, many Indians would laugh at You. A Girl Walks alone at Night, Her Chances of Molestation, if Not Rape, are High.

[To go to the next article in this series, Please click here.]

self love in NOT Love!

self love is NOT love, and self love is NO love. It is selfishness! Loving oneself Alone, or loving oneself too much, is selfishness.

‘swaarth’ (Swa-Arth, one’s own gain) as it is called in India, which means selfishness, has Never been appreciated. In Any Culture, Any Religion, in Any Age.

narcissus appreciates himself!

good old narcissus appreciates himself!


We are NOT supposed to Hate ourselves, depreciate ourselves or anything like that. A Healthy ‘I am OK’ is Absolutely Necessary. But when the world starts revolving around ourselves, then things have gone wrong indeed.


Loving one’s Family, Relatives and Friends is also a kind of selfishness!

It will be LOVE, ONLY if we take some Goodly Effort for the Welfare and Happiness of Others who are Not related to us. Otherwise it is all selfishness!


Let us see what Jesus had said about Us and Ours! Matthew 5:46-47, TEV.

Why should God Reward You If You love Only the people who love You? Even the tax collectors do that!

And If You speak Only to Your Friends, have You done anything out of the Ordinary? Even the pagans do that!”

(Evidently the tax collectors and pagans were held in very little regard).

I would condense the above as:

“If You love only those who love You, what Great thing have You done?”

Yes, loving those who love us is Nothing Great. Is it not as easy as sliding into a Ditch? And who is going to give out Prizes for ‘Ordinary’ things?

Whereas Loving Others is going to take Effort. Loving one’s Enemies is going to take a LOT of Effort! These things alone would be Counted as Love.

Let me repeat: ‘selfishness’ has Never been appreciated, in Any Culture, in Any Religion, in Any Age. self love actually creates Problems! self love is a Sickness. Please click on the link above for a sequel, as well as on this one, for views on self love and Christ.