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WHY I Support Somnath Bharti

When I was Young, there were Stories of the Police escorting wrong doers, and at times, the Policeman might tell the fellow to stand there and go away for a few minutes himself, and the Wrong Doer WOULD be standing there when the Policeman returned. The Police had that much Respect.

Some Years ago, in my Village of Thanneerpalli, in Karur Dt. of Tamil Nadu, an Elderly, Well Respected Man had gone to the police station in Kulithalai with some complaint. He got a Very Rude Reception, and was Chased Off, with the Words: ‘Go Away, Or We shall Charge You for the Possession of Drugs.’ They had threatened that they would file a False Case against him! The police have become SO Friendly Now. Incidentally, that Gentleman is still alive.

It is Not only I. I Fully Believe that the Citizen, the Common Man and Woman of India, Want People who will Stand Up for them, Stand with them, Fight for them, etc.


Except for the AAP, MOOOOST people join political parties and even Fight to become ‘ministers,’ do so Only to get Commissions for Contracts, Bribes for Favours, etc. These ‘professional’ politicians have Developed a language all their own, which is Butter Smooth, Never getting Angry Except when they are SURE they can get away with it, etc. Even then, they would get angry Only for their selves or for their party, NEVER for the Welfare of the Citizen.

India is seeing a New Generation of Politicians coming Up, Who Speak Up Straight, with No Regard for themselves. But Arvind had already said that the AAP would Change the Face of politics!

And the regular politicos Do Not Like This! All this furore to Malign Bharti, and asking for his Removal or Resignation, is Just for this.

In all this, One Fails to Understand the Eagerness of the Media to side with the ‘run of the mill,’ ‘common,’ politicos. …They, the Media, must be receiving Largesse indeed.

Indian media TOTALLY under govt Control!

I hope I am not being too generic. I get to watch only the Headlines Today, the Times Now, the Sun News, and the Puthiya Talaimurai, news channels of the North and the South of India.

But it is not only these, but also the ‘posters,’ ‘headlines’ or whatever We call them, giving the main news of the day in large newspaper sized sheets, hung out where newspapers are sold.

All of them are presenting the same line of statements, which is Against Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP.

There are, in the tradition of the media, Juicy things like:

  • Senseless AAP drama continues,
  • Anarchist attacks media,
  • AAP losing its plot in Delhi,
  • 4 Injured in AAP drama, and things like these.

The media has said that Growing Disagreement to the Protest is pouring in in Twitter, etc. I ask them, Just HOW did they find out that All Dissenting voices are from the AAP? How easy to ‘call’ oneself a Member, and write whatever he wants. 

After all, the AAP is just about a Year Old, and has less than a Crore (10 Million) Members. Whereas the established parties like the bjp and the congress have Crores and Crores of followers and supporters. Yes, Many of them might not be happy with the Growing Popularity of the AAP. This is Not to say that there is No dissent within the Members themselves.

The Same about the ALLEGED attacks ‘on’ the police. Even in what is coming across the TV screens, One Sees Only the Protesters ‘Getting Beaten Up’ by the police. The police are saying that Stone Pelting from the part of the AAP-ians led to the police action. …Did the Stones have the ‘Number,’ given to All AAP members, written on them? Just HOW did the police conclude that the stones had been thrown by the Protesters? It is Eminently Possible that people Opposed to the Protest, or even the police itself, had ‘arranged’ the Alleged stone throwing!

If Only 4 people have been Injured during these two days, it speaks much of the Sympathy of the Police in general towards the Protest. In any case, the Injured are only the AAP sympathizers, and Injured ‘by’ the police.

The media also implies that the Common man is Suffering because of the Protest, which is of course blocking Roads, and access, etc, to govt offices.

But this charge is Easily Refuted. The Protest has covered Two working days. If people want to say that govt office work has been Interrupted, I want to ask: ‘Just When had govt clerks done Anything in One Day? Or even in two days?’

Senseless drama? Inconveniencing the people? …How many DAYS had the Andhra protest continued? How many Train services were disrupted, for how many days? Just think of the Problems the Rail Passengers must have faced, due to the Lack of Drinking Water alone, stranded as they were oftentimes in the middle of Nowhere.

Is the AAP losing its Appeal in Delhi or Anywhere? …Is this not a Useless Question? Something along the lines of, Can the AAP get even a single Seat in the Elections, and then, Can the AAP form the govt, and then again, Can the AAP fulfill its Promises?

Only Time Will Answer these Questions. India has been Mis-Ruled for more than 65 years. The AAP has not had 65 Days! Negativism from the media is Not Helping.

All this says MUCH of the Control that the govt has over media in India. But media personnel are Vying One Another in their Attacks, which makes one think that they are planning their ‘Promotions and Bonuses.’

The Hypocrisy of the Media

Today, a Protest is taking  place. By the AAP, the Aam Aadmi Party, specifically asking that the Delhi police be under the Administration of the Delhi govt.

Interestingly, This is the written Manifesto of not only the AAP, but also that of the Congress and the BJP.

The AAP is also asking for the suspension, or at least the Transfer, of police officials guilty of Inaction in many stated circumstances.

Taking just the reactions of the media, we have, they have used words like:

  • ‘Is this the way?
  • Is the AAP going too far?
  • Complete Anarchy,
  • Arvind protecting his ministers!
  • Arvind’s dangerous tactics,
  • Reducing governance to drama,’ etc.

Protests are Nothing New, after all. As far as I remember, in the recent past, it all started from Egypt, with the People taking on the govt there. In India:

  • The gujjars protested, resorting to Uprooting Rails!
  • Express and Long Distance Trains are Regularly Stopped,
  • Buses are Burnt and Road traffic is severely disrupted.
  • Absolute Violence takes place during protests, with the Shedding of Blood a commonplace occurrence.

The media Did NOT cover the instances named above with the same enthusiasm.

Whereas, as I write this, and glance at my TV behind me, at 18.22 hours, I see both the Protesters and the Security Personnel standing Peacefully, except for a White Haired, White Mustached policemen, who seems to be used to Hitting and Shoving People around.

What more do the media want? For Whom is Arvind and the AAP fighting? Somnath Bharti directly asked a Woman Interviewer if she would dare to go to a police station with a complaint. She quietly sidestepped the question. Poor thing, she has to earn her salary.

It comes down to the media bosses. Granted that we have govts at the centre who have No problems with Cancelling Licences of TV stations that do not take the govt stand. But still, does the media have to be so enthusiastic about it?

It is There, for All to See!

Arvind Kejriwal, along with many of his Ministers, AND a Whole lot of People, turned up to show the central govt what they think of the way it is running things.

Among the words that are filling the Air, we have:

  • From the side of the media, yammerings of: ‘Is this the way, AAP going too far? Complete Anarchy, Arvind protecting his ministers! Arvind’s dangerous tactics, Reducing governance to drama,’ etc. Well, in that case, Just whom is shinde, the home minister and the chief of police protecting? Also, the hypocrisy of the media needs a separate article.
  • From the side of politicos: The Usual political bhah, like: ‘Focus on Administration, not Activism, etc.’ manish tiwari, one of the central govt ministers, Walks, as he find so many supporters of the AAP on the road, and makes much of it. And,
  • From the side of the AAP, Point by point presentation of Facts, WITH written proofs. It is all centred around the Delhi police this time. The AAP presented 3 cases:
  1. A Danish lady, 51 years old, had been Gang Raped. Some arrests have been made, but it does not seem that much progress has taken place.
  2. A Young Woman went and complained to the police that she was mortally frightened of her in-laws, and that she was on the verge of suicide because of it. The police took No action. And it happened. She is fighting for her life in some hospital.
  3. And the Local Citizens, where Somnath Bharti had told the police men to investigate, had been complaining for MONTHS, about Suspected Drug and Sex trade in that area. NO Action on part of police. …And interestingly, it comes out that the High Commission of Uganda had come up to the Delhi govt, – most probably because the central govt did not heed them, – saying that their Nationals had been lured to India on the pretext of getting them Jobs, only to involve them in the Flesh Trade. And they had named the Same area that had come under Somnath Bharti’s eye.

For all this, the TVs have NOT succeeded in Hiding the Truth. Instead of Anarchy, the People gathered there have Not resorted to ANY Violence, not even Shoving, Not involved in fisticuffs with the police, etc. And they have been there since 9 or 10 this morning, and it is past 5.40 PM just now.

It has been Notable that the Police is Very Quiet; It even seems As if it is On the Side of the People in This. On the Other hand, the police mentality is being seen in the person of An Oldish policeman, White Haired and Mustached, who has been seen Shoving the People in at least two instances.

To my fellow AAP-ians:

  1. Please Keep Your Cameras, etc, ready.
  2. Or Else, Please Record this kind of police highhandedness.

That would be a Great Service You would be performing.

Kamaljit Sandhu of Headlines Today

Arvind has been stopped en-route to his protest. There is SUCH a crowd, of Supporters! This despite his repeated requests that People NOT turn up for the protest. We shall have to write more on the fact that govts will have to Do what the People want. No Expediency!

Reporting on this, kamaljit used, twice, the words: ‘home minister shinde ‘refused to bite the bullet,’ in her report just now.

What she had meant was that shinde refused to oblige.

A person careless with her language, not knowing the meaning of things, how can she give True and Impartial reporting? She mouths what her channel wants. After all, that is paying her salary.

Headlines Today seems to be have been bought.

No Right to Protest!

A section of the populace of Delhi had complained to the Law Minister of Delhi, Somnath Bharti, about suspected Drug and Sex dealings in their area. He had asked the police to Investigate. …All arguments were given by the police, but said Investigation did NOT take place. On the Contrary, the police, the courts and the media have taken Bharti’s this asking, and later Insistence, as High Handedness.

Arvind Kejriwal, the head of the Delhi administration, agreed with his minister Bharti, that the Investigation should have taken place. As this did not happen, Arvind informed that He would Sit in Protest in front of the Premises of the central minister in question.

Arvind and his Companions have been denied that Right.

It seems to me that all those who are Objecting to this Protest, or Hindering it, Would have Welcomed the Continuation of the british raj! The british had not wanted Protests, and had gone to the extent of the Jallian-wala bagh, where Protesters had been encircled and just gunned down.

Denial of the Right to Protest is a Denial of Basic Rights, Whatever whichever law says. If some law says otherwise, It is High, High time that that law was changed. Denial of the Right to Protest is Denial of Democracy. …But I have often said that We are living in a Pseudo-aristocracy, anyway!

The Delhi police

I do not know How Big Delhi is. I mean the Constituency of Delhi. Well, I am not really asking. …Let us take it that it is Pretty Big. Big enough to Need, and Have, a separate government all its own! Elections duly take place for this, Major political parties participate, and all that.


I have the ‘Headlines Today’ channel running on the TV behind me. From time to time I glance at it. It was just asking, ‘No action against Bharti yet!’ Somnath Bharti is the Law Minister of Delhi.

The Question should have been: ‘NO ACTION ON THE POLICE YET?’

Would it not have been the Simplest of things for the Police to send a few Lady Police Officers into the places in question and make some Investigations?


The Ungodly Use Time to very good effect. Chemical Weapons? Allow the UN team in for inspection after taking Enough time to spirit it all away. Check up premises suspected of Sex and Drug trade? Argue it away, to the tune of FOUR blessed hours, please.

It will take an Arvind Kejriwal kind of Revolution for the police force to Regain the Love, Respect and Regard of India’s Citizens.

All 4 Pillars Wobbling!

Facebook is informing me that one of my posts there has had 950 views, as of now, which for me is Unprecedented. …I am not so big. My usual count is around 30. I shall give You the status in the comments, in case You have not seen it. To give it here would take up space.

Am not sure why exactly this post became so popular. My Key Words in that were: politicians, judges, police, though Facebook has no facility for that. I am extremely Disappointed in all these 3 Institutions.

I did use the word ‘Foreigners’ in that post. But I have NO Problems with Anybody from outside India. But IF it is True that some foreigners had been running Drug or Sex cartels, in the style of the movie ‘Taken,’ then I would have problems with ‘that’ group.

politics is Known as the (lowly) art of Expediency. Let me give a very small, very Ugly story about this. It seems that there was a woman who was carrying her Child and walking along a road that had become Very Hot. So, to relieve her burning feet, she put her Child on the road, and Stood on her Child. That is Expediency. I also hope it is just a story.

I have No Time for the Expedient. In fact, I Spit on Expediency. I Value Only Values.

The politicians at the Centre are Bending over Backwards, to china, lanka, bangladesh, etc. I wonder if nigeria is also in the list. It is an Oil Supplier, after all.

But Enough People have Raised their Voices, for the politicians to Know now that ‘Bending over Backwards like this’ is NOT what the Citizens of India want.

I did say 4 pillars. Well, our dear media is the Fourth one. Scratching One Another’s backs, they are All going the way of Short term benefits. politicians existing for their posh lives. judges doing exactly the same. policemen falling over to pick up the bones. And the media doing whatever will bring more advertisements.

All this has to Change.

sangeeta richard

This is the person who had been Devyani Khobragade’s maid in the usa.

It seems that the Hourly wage in the ‘us’ is $9.75 per hour. About 500 rupees per hour! IF working day is 6 hours, 3000 rupees a day. Work it out. 90,000 rupees a month! No Rent, No Food Expenses.

In my own Village, Thanneerpalli, Karur Dt, TN, People ready to go to the usa and do the SAME work for rs. 20,000 pm.

One of my nieces gets a salary of rs. 1,35,000 pm, and it is considered Quite Good. Her Uncle, my Friend, just recently retired from the Indian Railways after having worked as a Foreman, which is a goodly rank. And his pension is about rs. 14,500 pm.

When a housemaid is taken, she would be expected to take care of meals, keep house clean, help in looking after children. In a place like the usa, with machines for everything, I would say that all this is not too difficult. After all, other, North American women, ARE doing that, and many of them are working outside as well.

This sangeeta wanted to go out and work, so she is nailed by her own words, showing that she had enough time for that.

This madam seems to have expected what Many Computer Engineers in India do not get.

FIR against Somnath Bharti

So an FIR, (First Information Report, a police procedure here), has been filed, upon the directions of the delhi high court, on Somnath Bharti.

Ministers Shoot and KILL policemen, Slap them, Hit them, causing Eye Injuries, …No FIRs.

Minister’s people commit DOUBLE Gang Rape, in the Minor’s House itself, and later Burn her up, …No FIRs.

Minister’s people Pull out Guns, Slap Attendants, Damage Toll booths, Set Fire to them, …No FIRs.

INDIAN Citizens Complain, NO Action. But some foreigners suspected of running Sex and Drug cartels complain, IMMDT Action.

What is this? Drumming up Tourism?

politicos, courts and police are absolutely hand in hand.