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Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation and Dhyaan


[This is very much of a Photo Essay, and is Easy to Go Through.]


The Verb Pray basically means ‘To Ask,’ of course. But Prayer, has many, rich Connotations!

In Praying, One expresses one’s:

Awe, Adoration to God,

Awesome Tanzi mountains China

(Awesome Tanzi mountains of China)

Admiration and Praise,

Purple flower

(Extraordinary Purple Flower)

One’s Thankgiving for Gifts, Blessings and Favours received,

Happy Child with Gift

(Happy child with Gift)

Asking Pardon,

Prodigal son returns

(The Prodigal son returns)

Even Making Excuses(!)

Pup and Mom

(What do We say to this?!)

And Making Petitions, Asking favours from God, of course.

Asking from God

(Asking from God)


It is Unfortunate and Shameful that Most of Our prayer becomes Just Asking things from God. The above mentioned other elements of Adoration, Praise and Thanks have very little part in Our day to day lives. This has to be Corrected.

In All this, We see that We are supposed to be Speaking to God. But in Speaking to somebody, would it be right to have our say and Keep Moving, without any thought of What That Person might want to Say?

A Speech may be a monologue, but Speaking demands Participation of Both the parties. Thus, Real Prayer would be Only that in which one Listens to God, too. Since We have spent Most of Our life speaking to God, and practically have given NO time to Listen to Him, it would be Right that We give and Allott larger amounts of Time to Listen to Him.

In any case, Pray. Prayer is being in Contact with God, after all. And Prayer brings Miracles. And We All Need Plenty of these.

Prayer brings Miracles



We have to Remember that Meditation is a Western word. Dhyaan is translated as meditation, may be for want of a better word, but there are Diametrical Differences between the two. The Wise would do well to Use the two words Separately. Let us see what Meditation is.

In Meditation, We take a Sacred Verse, Passage or Thought, and Use Our Own Faculties, namely, Our Brain, to reach the Depths of same. We examine:

  • Who said it,
  • Where and How and Under What Circumstances,
  • When and in What Context,
  • What are the Original meanings of the Words used,
  • How often and How Much the Thought has been Stressed, Where Else the Thoughts are mentioned,

And thus, finally, one tries to arrive at the Fullest Meaning and Richness (Sensus Plenior) of the Passage/Verse. To Repeat, one’s Brain has been the Instrument which has examined all this.

For the Difference seen in Dhyaan We shall go there shortly.



Contemplation is: “Seeing things As God Sees them.”

Take a Clump of Bamboos.


One can see this as:

Housing Material…

Bamboo house

Good for Stilts, as in this House on Bamboo Stilts,

House on Bamboo Stilts

As Decoration,

Bamboo Decorations

As a Delicacy!

Bamboo shoots
Bamboo shoot on white background

Bamboo having many Uses, like further Used for making Excellent Flutes, Kites, Matting, Fences, and even as Food for Pandas, may be in Your zoo, etc, in most cases it might be seen as Money in the Bank!


To be Able to see things As They Are is a Gift, but it can also be Acquired. God, the Sannyasi and the Master see things as they are. For them, a Tree is a Tree. This Simplicity of Vision makes for Uncompounded decisions and Well being.



In Dhyaan, the Mind is Just a Receptor. Dhyaan is a Method of Achieving Mental Silence, the ‘Chitta-Vritti-Nirodh’ for Yoga, the Union with God.

Silence of the Mind is the Key, not Physical silence. It would not do to go to the Quietest of places. It would Not do to Stop Talking. The Mind has to be Silent. The Mind’s Workings have to Cease. And that is Dhyaan.

If We think of Dhyaan just as the Western Meditation, and Use our Brain to reach supposed depths, then the one who thinks he is Napolean will end up thinking he is that, given time. The Subconscious will Oblige him.

If the Human Mind has Ceased to work, and If the Brain is Just Listening, then one has Succeeded in Dhyaan.


All Images from Internet.


GAD… Its Aim, seen from Two Angles


[You will notice that I am taking an almighty amount of time in coming to the ‘Method’ of doing Dhyaan. But believe me, All these preliminaries are Absolutely Necessary before We can go onto that.

Dhyaan, literally, means Paying Attention. But will paying undivided attention, even to a Sacred Verse, bring out its Deepest and Richest meanings, the Mysteries of the Universe? By Our Own Effort? Using Our Brain? Our Limited, Finite Brain? Aha!

Considering that Dhyaan is ‘Silencing’ the Mind, Just How is it that We Strive to Pay Attention to, say, a Flame, Our Breathing, the Sensations, or a Verse? Is that not putting the Mind to Work? The Opposite of Silencing the Brain? …Thus All these preliminaries!]


GAD is Being with God, Walking with God, being In Contact with God, Knowing what He wants, and Allowing Him to Do it In and Through Us! 

The Great Patanjali had said in his Yoga-Sutra:


[Yogash – Yoga Is, Citta – Broadly, the Mind., Vritti – Revolving, Nirodhah – Stopping. Thus, Yoga is the Stopping of the Revolving of the Mind.]

We All have Our Pet Projects, Problems and Banes. And they are not actually Too many. What happens is that the Mind keep on going round and round the Same points, points that it had thought of earlier, – Without making any meaningful progress in them, again and again, Ad Infinitum.

Here is an interesting picture of the Active Mind(!)

Busy Mind!

Graphic from:

Patanjali says: “If We can Succeed in Stilling this tendency of the Mind – that is, going round and roung the same points, then We would have Achieved Union with God, namely Yoga.” Yoga after all means Union.

That Union with God is the Aim and Objective of GAD.


Let us see it from another perspective, a Very Christian point of view.

It will be remembered that in the Christian definition of Prayer, it is said to be Talking to God, And Listening to Him.

And if We recall, We will see that We have said to God: “I Adore You, I Praise You, I Thank You, I want this and that from You,” and what not, Ad Nauseam. For How many Seconds have We Succeeded in Trying to Listen to Him?

It will be accepted that God would want to Talk to Us, too. If We had succeeded in Listening to Him, We would have learnt the Meaning of Love, Peace and Happiness.

To Listen to Anybody, one has to Ignore Any and Every Other Input. If I am to listen to You fully, I have to switch off my phones, may be Instruct my secretary not to allow me to be Interrupted, the same on the Home front, etc, etc. That was why our ancients took to the Forests (and Hills), became ‘Vaan-prast,’ for the Isolation and the Silence.

This works fairly easily and well when We have somebody in front of Us, Speaking. In the Absence of Active Inputs, as in the case of Trying to Listen to God, where one does not have any ‘point’ to concentrate on, this becomes very difficult.

But, Difficult or not, Listening to God, and Knowing His Mind, His Love for me, His Plans for me, etc, and getting and having the Strength to Live according to them, – from Him, is the Aim and Objective of GAD.


Thus, Silencing the Mind and ‘Listening’ to God is the Aim and Target of Dhyaan, particularly GAD.

Various Techniques and Methods become Important to ‘Silence’ the Mind, not just in GAD, but in All Classical methods of Yoga, Zen and Vipassna! We shall examine these Methods in the next post.


GAD, the First Steps, …Posture, etc.

The First Points. This present post and the previous one, namely, The Empty Cup, deal with the Pre-Requisites for the All Important Method of doing GAD.

Yama, Niyama, Asana and Praanaayaam – part of Any and Every form of Yoga, not just the Raja Yoga, will not be explained here in detail. You Can raise questions if You like, which will be Answered.

The Cleanliness, particularly of the Mind, is Vitally Important. When one is ‘burning’ over a particular problem, any attempt at Dhyaan would be a Waste of Time. Also, A person who is Unconcerned about what is happening to Others and to the World, an Apathetic person, is Not worthy of GAD.

Discipline and Determination are taken for granted as present for this post.

Most of Us Breathe Wrong. All the parts of Our Lungs are Not used. Most of Us are simply Wasting the Precious Oxygen, which is the Most Important source of Our Energy. As such Praanaayaam is a Must.

As Regards POSTURE, I believe that this is of the Least Importance. Too many try to sit it out, and have Harmed their Process of Dhyaan simply because of this. This is evident in finding So many senior Saadhaks Still Remaining saadhaks!

The Body is Not the one creating problems. The Mind is. The Mind Functions, Constructively or Destructively, In Spite of the Greatest Physical problems. Stephen Hawkins is Proof enough for that!

stephen hawkins

It is the Mind that has to be brought under our Control.



Not Anga Jayam.

We can Successfully do GAD Travelling to work in the Bus, and that too hanging onto the Straps!

Doing Dhyaan is Far More Important than having Observed the Correct Physicalities.

GAD and the Empty Cup

Empty Tea Cup

The Empty Cup is an Old Zen anecdote. The Master, while serving Tea, Keeps Pouring, so that the Tea gets Wasted. The Idea is to show that We Cannot Receive Unless our Minds are Free to Receive, Un-Encumbered by our Past.

The Main point is that We have to Forget, even Give Up, What We have Learnt Earlier.


Let me talk of


In Tamil cinema, I came across a comedy where a boy and girl work at the office; one wants tea and the other coffee, the office has one flask, and the office boy brings both the coffee and the tea in the same flask.

The Flask has to be Empty if You are going to Enjoy Your Drink.

The Mind has to be Emptied of all old teachings if it is to Grasp and Profit from New Teachings.

Christ, incidentally, had used the example of the Wine Skins, things of His time.

The Cup has to be Both Clean, and Empty. Half Empty will not do.

Dirty, and Half Empty Cups


GAD Demands the Same. That one comes to learn Giving Up what One might have learnt Earlier.

GAD, (Guha Anubhav Dhyaan), …WHY do Dhyaan


This is the second post, part of a series on Dhyaan, under:

My Method Verbalises certain points, which I have Not seen in other teachings of Dhyaan.

[This series of posts are Intended FOR THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUSLY SEARCHING FOR PEACE, and Other Higher Things. As such, these are not just for Reading, but for Systematic Study and Practice.

A Great number of Links are offered to connected subjects. Anyone who is interested in GAD will Have to go through All of them, for Best Results.

Terms, like GOD and man, Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation, Dhyaan, Yoga, Dhaaran, etc, might mean differenet things in various systems. These links will help You see Just they mean in GAD.]


Jyoti Ashram has always been open to People in Need. Among the many who stayed with us, one Manju takes special place. Here she is!


Of note are Manju being So Full of Life; and the Closeness We can in this little family. The Girl holds her mother; the Mother, carrying her smaller child, has her hand on Manju, and even the little boy, less than a year old (meaning: he could not have been given instructions on ‘posing!’), is in loving contact with his elder sister! Rublev’s Trinity in Real Life!

For this post, Manju will be remembered for her words: ‘Naan UNNA Vida Matten,’ and the Way she spoke these. As she used to go dashing around the place, she would catch hold of me by my leg tightly, and say that. And the Way she said that was Poetical, Musical. You would enjoy it when I speak it to You!

And the Meaning of those words is this: “I will Not let You go!

Just as Manju and Other Children have Expressed their Sentiments, Adults Love, and Express theirs. God Loves, and Expresses His Love for Us, Each and Every Moment. It is Only that We have not Realized that. Our Heart has Not Accepted it.

How many Retreats have We attended? How many of them began with the theme of the Love of God? Why so many times the Same point?

Father and Son Hug

When I was searching for pictures of Fathers hugging their children, I chose this one, because this shows a Grown-up sort of Boy. God is Not Loving Just Toddlers. And He Loves Us Just as Madly, or, More Madly than this.

But We, on the Other hand, are more like this:

Son Runs from Father

The Handsome Young Man in Tie and Full Pants would rather Play BY himself. Just like Us.

The Question is: “Have We Realized… ‘These’ Things?” Namely, Love, Peace and Joy, to begin with?

Naturally, once it is explained, We can Understand the meaning of the words: ‘Naan Unna Vida Matten,’ or any other. But Does it make Our Hair Stand on End? Make Us Breathless? Bring Tears to Our Eyes out of Sheer Joy? At Every Memory?

How Much and How Well have We Experienced the Love of God in That Way?

The Love of God is something that has to be Experienced, and Realized. The Same goes for Peace-that-Passes-Understaning, God as Our Father and We as His Children, and one of the very last graces, Joy. All these, and Many Other Realities of the Bible have to be Experienced, and Realized.


Dhyaan is the Best Way and Method to Realize the Deepest Realities. That is Why We should do Dhyaan.


01 GAD, (Guha Anubhav Dhyaan), …WHAT Is DHYAAN


This is the first post, part of a series on Dhyaan, under:

Basically, GAD is a method of doing Dhyaan. Any adept at Dhyaan, after reading this, will say that this is Dhyaan, pure and simple, and he/she would be right.

My Method named GAD Verbalises certain points, which I have Not seen in other teachings of Dhyaan.

This series of posts are Intended FOR THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUSLY SEARCHING FOR PEACE, and Other Higher Things. As such, these are not just for Reading, but for Systematic Study and Practice.

A Great number of Links are offered to connected subjects. Anyone who is interested in GAD will Have to go through All of them, for Best Results.

Terms, like GOD and man, Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation, Dhyaan, Yoga, Dhaaran, etc, might mean different things in various systems. These links will help You see Just they mean in GAD.



Dhyaan is among those Supreme Methods of the East, which help us to Silence Our Mind. Dhyaan is the Method of Listening to the Spirit. This ‘Listening’ is Not a Physical one, of course. …Though Dhyaan Can and Should be followed All through one’s lifetime, it is Not the End or Goal of Life. Living, according to the Teachings of the Divine is the Goal of Life.


Dhyaan is Not a question of Sitting for Hours.

Sitting Frog

A Frog Sits. That does not make it a Master.

Dhyaan is Being in Contact with God.

GAD really offers You the Simplest and the Best Way of Practising Dhyaan.


A Re-blog of Dr. Sweety Shinde’s post: ‘Your touch brings me alive …’

Lovely, and Very Valid Thoughts from Dr. Sweety Shinde!


Have just returned from a 3 day (Chrisitian) Ashram Aikya meeting at Bodhi Zendo near Kodai. This picture and Thoughts were very much a part of Our discussions! Vibes reaching across the Seas! Love and Regards.


Once again, am having difficulties in ‘Re-blogging.’ Here is the Link for Dr. Sweety’s original post:

Helpful Bible Verses …0001 …Psalm 23:6

Under this title, I begin a New series. The title could have been Bible Verses that Helped me, and that would Very Much be the Truth. I start with Psalm 23:6, which means the 6th verse of the 23rd Psalm. This is one of my Favourites, and one that Helped me Live.

I present my Own translation of the verse:

“Surely, Only Goodness and Kindness, Shall follow me, All the days of my life.”

relaxed man


Now a few words on the verse. ‘Only Goodness and Kindness!’ Is that not an amazing statement? Does life seem so? Would We even Imagine that our lives would be so?

But that Is God’s plan for Us. Given the Freedom and Opportunity (Yes, We Do have the Freedom even to Refuse God!), He Not Only makes Us Realize the Truth, He makes it a Reality in Our lives. I attest to that.


For Best Effect and Results, All these verses are meant to be used as Mantras for Dhyaan.


For an interesting instance of God’s Goodness in Real life, please click here.